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Esoteric Environment Greaves Set header

Esoteric Environment Greaves Set

Esoteric Environment Greaves Set

Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Esoteric Environment Greaves Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Esoteric Environment Greaves

(1 item) While you are above 50% Stamina, reduce your direct damage taken by 50% and lose 968 Stamina whenever you take direct damage, up to once every 0.3 seconds.
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Heavy Armor
Name: Esoteric Environment Greaves
Type: Mythic
DLC Requirement: Necrom
Location: Esoteric Environment Greaves is an armor set in the Elder Scrolls Online that can be obtained in Telvanni Peninsula. It is part of the Necrom DLC pack.

Leads for Esoteric Environment Greaves

Lead Dig zone Drop zone Location
Biome-Proof Plating icon Biome-Proof Plating Biome-Proof Plating Biome-Proof Plating icon Telvanni Peninsula Unknown
Harvester-Scale Plating icon Harvester-Scale Plating Harvester-Scale Plating Harvester-Scale Plating icon Telvanni Peninsula Gorne public dungeon bosses
Nonreactive Cincture icon Nonreactive Cincture Nonreactive Cincture Nonreactive Cincture icon Telvanni Peninsula Unknown
Thras-Crafted Breeches icon Thras-Crafted Breeches Thras-Crafted Breeches Thras-Crafted Breeches icon Telvanni Peninsula Unknown
Tonal Pivot Joints icon Tonal Pivot Joints Tonal Pivot Joints Tonal Pivot Joints icon Telvanni Peninsula Unknown

How to Get the Esoteric Environment Greaves: Guide and Information

The Esoteric Environment Greaves is a Mythic item in ESO, occupying the Legs Armour slot. 

This method is focused on tanking or more generally mitigating damage. When wearing this Mythic, you get 50% damage mitigation provided you are above 33% Stamina, but you will lose 1567 Stamina every time you take direct damage, with a 0.5 second cooldown on this Stamina cost. 

This could be useful for tanks who are struggling to survive a non-direct damage effect in a particular boss fight (such as a heavy DoT), and it is also a potentially interesting item for players who want to create tanky PvP builds. However you'll need to be careful with your Stamina, as it could very quickly be depleted if you are recieving a lot of direct damage. 

ESO Esoteric Environment Greaves Mythic Appearance
ESO Esoteric Environment Greaves Mythic Appearance

To obtain this item, you'll need access to the Greymoor DLC for the Antiquities system, and Necrom for the Mythic itself.

The Esoteric Environment Greaves item can be created through the Antiquities system. You have to scry and excavate five leads. The leads are all master level, so you need to be at least level 7 in the scrying skill line and excavation skill line. Master level leads are fairly difficult and it could take you several attempts to get the desired item, but don't give up! Please visit the "Antiquities System Guide" for more information on how Antiquities work.    

The leads required for this Mythis are:

Frequently asked questions

Which DLC do I need to obtain Esoteric Environment Greaves in ESO?

To obtain Esoteric Environment Greaves you must own the Necrom DLC

Where does Esoteric Environment Greaves drop in ESO?

Esoteric Environment Greaves drops in Telvanni Peninsula


Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Torc of Tonal Constancy Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Torc of Tonal Constancy

(1 item) While your Stamina is less than 50%, increase your Magicka Recovery by 450. While your Magicka is less than 50%, increase your Stamina Recovery by 450.
Mythic Level 50 - CP 160
Pearls of Ehlnofey Mythic Armor Set Icon icon

Pearls of Ehlnofey

(1 item) When you attempt to use resources to cast a healing ability while in combat and your dominant resource is under 50%, gain 3 Ultimate.

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