ESO Champion Points Calculator and more new features

ESO Champion Points Calculator and more new features
By Alcast at 23 Feb 2021 11:04

Today we are going to take a look at some of the new features on related to the new Champion Points System 2.0. You can find the following new content on ESO-Hub:

Wordpress Plugin: The ESO-Hub Wordpress plugin can now also display Perks from the Champion Points system in addition to sets and skills. You can look at an example here on the Magicka Grind Build Champion Points allocation.

Champion Points Overview Page

On Desktop you can now find the Champion Points overview page in the secondary menu. On mobile you can access the perks via the main menu Combat & Gear.

Champion Points Secondary Menu ESOSecondary Menu Desktop

The Calculator Champion Points

The Champion Points calculator is our prime tool where you can assign and test out Champion Point allocations. You can also use the arrow button on the top right side to save and share your Champion Point allocations with your friends. The calculator is currently available in English, German and French. We are also working on additional features such as a mobile version and presets for certain specs.

Champion Points Calculator preview ESOChampion Points Calculator

Beginner Guide for the Champion Point System 2.0

You can also find a full Beginners Guide for the Champion Points System, which explains all the basics and also has a full list of all experience needed to reach certain amounts of points.

Disciplines, Clusters and Perks in the Champion Points System

You can find a total of three main trees called "Disciplines": Craft, Warfare and the Fitness. The Warfare Tree also has two subtree "Clusters" called Extended Might and Staving Death.

Disciplines Champion Point Trees ESODiscipline Trees

By entering one of the pages you will get access to a full list of all the perks, for example here in the Craft page.

Perk List Champion Points ESOPerk List

Each perk then also has its individual page with more information about the Champion Point Perk. Here we are looking at the [Gilded Fingers] perk.


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