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Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron Deck Tips & Tricks for Tales of Tribute ESO


Today we are taking a look at how to play with the Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute card game in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu deck generally focuses on the resource Coins. You can pull off some sneaky moves with this deck that players don’t expect.

Below you can find the full list of Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu cards currently available. If you don't know about the type of cards please visit the Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide, which explains this in detail.Agent cards:

Contract Action cards:

Action cards:

Upgradable cards:

Early game cards with Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron Deck

Most of the cards from the Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute card game in ESO cost a lot of Coins. However, there are a few good cards that you can pick up early. The Luxury Exports card only costs 2 Coins to pick up, always get this one if you have the chance. It gives you 3 Coins when you play the card, this alone can already give you the opportunity to buy more expensive cards in early game, because now you can get up to 7 Coins instead of the normal 5. [Customs Seizure] is also a great card, it costs 4 Coins and when you play the card you can acquire a card from the middle with a cost up to 5 Coins for free. Having some of these cards early game also makes it easier to pull off combos later in the game with things like Currency Exchange and House Marketplace.

The Hostile Takeover card is slightly harder to acquire with a cost of 5 Coins, unless of course you pull the [Costums Seizure] and then you can get it for free. The Hostile Takeover card allows you to acquire one card for free for up to a cost of 7 Coins. Therefore you could get things like the Hireling or the Currency Exchange for free, or any of the other Patron Decks that are active in this game. 

Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Agents

The Hireling agent can be upgraded to Oathman and the Hlaalu Kinsman agent can be upgraded to Hlaalu Councilor. The Hireling is a great card because it allows you to get easier combos, when you manage to pull off a combo you can also get another free card from the tavern. This can be great especially if cards like Kwama Egg Mine are in the middle to further proc more combos because this is a contract action card and will be played immediately. 

The Hlaalu Kinsman does a similar thing, but now you can get a free card with a cost of up to 9 Coins. 

The Currency Exchange trick, easily win games with this simple move

Now we get to the important part. This trick is often used to easily win games because opponents don’t expect it or aren’t aware of the move. Flipping all Patrons to your favor will win the game instantly. Now you might think that no player might be that stupid to fall for this. However, what if I tell you that I could flip up to 3 or even 4 Patrons in one turn. A lot of players try to keep flipping Patrons to at least neutral stage. It is often easy to get at least 2 Patrons to favor you and then when you keep going the opponent will start to flip them also, because they don’t want to get rekt by a patron lose. 

Most players aren't aware that the Currency Exchange allows you to pull off 1 additional Patron turn this round. So with one Currency Exchange and your normal turn you can have two Patron interactions, immediately winning the game if you only have 2 flips left to do. Now you could be lucky to have two Currency Exchange and one Tithe card from the Treasury Deck that is present in every game, now you have 4 Patron interactions, this will kill off most opponents immediately. However, you need to be fairly lucky to get all of these cards within 1 turn.

In the end, this is a perfect way to apply extra pressure to the enemy by doing at least 2 patron activations a turn. 

How to use the Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron effectively in a match

Another great strategy is using the Patron of the deck constantly. As you can see if you have plenty of Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu cards you will be able to obtain a lot of free cards. Now you can “sacrifice” these at the Patron to turn them into Prestige points, “Gain Prestige equal to the card’s cost minus 1". Most opponents don’t want to buy “useless” cards to fill up their deck, but in our case this could be a great strategy to keep farming prestige. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide about the Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute Card Game for ESO. Please visit our Tales of Tribute Overview page if you want to take a look at all the Patrons and Cards.


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