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Duke of Crows Patron Deck Tips & Tricks for Tales of Tribute ESO


Today we are taking a look at how to play with the Duke of Crows Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute card game in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The Duke of Crows deck generally focuses on Coins and powerful combo cards that reward you with additional card draws and Power. The Patron itself can also be used incredibly well if you manage to generate a lot of Coins per turn.

Below you can find the full list of Duke of Crows cards currently available. If you don't know about type of cards please visit the Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide, which explains this in detail.

Agent cards:

Contract Action cards:

Action cards:

Upgradable cards:

Early game Card Combos with the Duke of Crows Patron in ESO

In early game if you are lucky you can collect fairly low cost cards that will almost guarantee you a win. I am talking about cards like [Toll of Silver], Scratch, Pool of Shadow and Toll of Flesh. You also might be lucky to get two Scratch cards at the beginning. If you draw two Scratch cards in the same turn that is already 6 Coin and 4 Power. 

And now to showcase a great example of how juicy the combos can be for the Duke of Crows deck:Your hand starts with: 1x Scratch, 1x Toll of Silver, 1x Toll of Flesh. This combo alone will already give you: 8 Coin, 2 Power and you can also draw 2 extra cards. If you are lucky you might draw another 1x Scratch, 1x Pilfer, this would give you an extra 3 Coins and 2 Power and you can draw two extra cards. These are all cards that cost between 3 and 5 Coins. Of course there are more expensive cards too. Combos are even easier if you manage to get agents like the Blackfeather Knight or the Blackfeather Brigand. Because these active agents will also count towards the combos. I hope these examples showed you how easy it can be to draw a lot of cards just within one turn. Sometimes you can also find the Contract Action card Law of Sovereign Roost in the middle, if you already have 2 Duke of Crow cards in your hand, it might be wise to also get the Law of Sovereign Roost card to draw one extra card and on top of that the enemy has to discard one of his cards next turn, meaning he will only be able to play 4 cards instead of 5. Of course, the Duke of Crows Patron Deck is best played in combination with another deck, such as the Saint Pelin Patron Deck in Tales of Tribute in ESO. Because if you can draw a lot of cards that also give you plenty of power you will be at 40 Prestige insanely fast. Especially if you manage to snag The Armory early on. If you draw a lot of cards that means cards from the cooldown pile will go to the draw pile a lot faster, giving you a faster cycle compared to your opponent.

Duke of Crows Agents 

The Duke of Crows Patron Deck has two agents, the Blackfeather Brigand which can be upgraded to Blackfeather Knave and the [Blackfeather Knight]. Like with a lot of Duke of Crows cards they aren't very strong on their own. However, if you have these agents active on the table and you have additional Duke of Crows cards in your hand, then they can become very dangerous. For Example when we look at the Blackfeather Brigand card, you could have two of these agents active on your table, then you just need another Duke of Crows cards to proc all the combos to gain additional Coins and draw additional cards that can again proc further combos if you are lucky. These things can result in brutal chain reactions. Agents are a great tool to get combos going, because you get 5 cards in your hand and if agents are already on the table you basically get free cards and easier combos. Of course your opponent might try to disable your agents as fast as possible. Therefore I always recommend bringing the Saint Pelin Patron Deck along, which lets you move an agent in your cooldown pile to the top of your draw deck for only 2 Power. This applies further pressure on your enemy.

Using the Duke of Crows Patron to your advantage

No matter what you do, don’t use the Duke of Crows patron too early. If you use the Patron too early you won’t be able to use the Duke later on and if the opponent never uses the Patron, it will stay locked for you. This of course also works the other way around, if your opponent uses the Patron too early, you can just leave the Patron there, that way the opponent can’t use the Duke Patron anymore, until you touch it. It is recommended that you only use the Duke if you have a huge amount of gold that you want to transfer into power. Or unless you want to go for a patron flip victory, which is usually difficult against good players.

Please visit our Tales of Tribute Overview page i you want to take a look at all the Patrons and Cards.


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