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Deconstruct Assistant Guide - ESO
Deconstruct Assistant Guide - ESO

How to get the Deconstruct Assistant in ESO

Welcome to the Deconstruct Assistant Guide for ESO! Here you will find all information you need about the Deconstruct Assistant and what her functions are in detail. With Update 33, ESO implemented the first Deconstruct Assistant named Giladil the Ragpicker. This guide will help you in how to get the Deconstruct Assistant in ESO

Giladil the Ragpicker for ESO

With the ESO Update 33 which is currently on the PTS, we finally get a Deconstruct Assistant which will help us get rid of our clutter almost anywhere we like.
Giladil the Ragpicker NPC deconstruct merchant in ESO
In her description it says:

Giladil the Ragpicker

Giladil happily trades items you don’t need for useful crafting materials! She doesn’t ply her trade in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds because those areas aren’t lucrative enough.

After she is summoned, you and your groupmates can use her services.

Aside from Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), where we weren’t able to use any assistant before anyway, Giladil is just an extremely helpful NPC. You can deconstruct from anywhere and anything at any time. You no longer need to walk to separate crafting stations and if you station her in your house or someone else uses her in their house, you can deconstruct just the same way.

Her UI is very clearly structured. It lists all your items in your inventory, and if you want all banked items as well. Furthermore, you can sort by category as well, meaning you can separate your Weapons, Gear, Jewelry and Glyphs in case you only want to deconstruct a specific category.
Giladil the Ragpicker deconstruct merchant in ESO UI
As you can see in the screenshot, you can also select all items to deconstruct. A good feature would have been to have a “Select All” option.

Especially for people that run a lot of dungeons, still need Crafting Inspiration (EXP) or generally want to farm materials can make good use of her!
Note though that this Assistant doesn't allow for crafting or refining, and will not allow you to access deconstruction for crafting skills you do not have such as Jewelry crafting when you don't have access to that skill line.

How to get her

In order to get her you have to go to the Crown Store and navigate to the assistants there from the header "Upgrades" to "Assistants". If she is featured, like in this screenshot, you will see that she is at the top of her category. You can either buy her on your own with your own crowns, or get someone to gift her to you. Trading Crowns for Gold is legal in ESO, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Giladil the Ragpicker NPC deconstruct merchant in ESO
When you have acquired her, there's two ways to call her. One way is via the Collections tab. When you navigate to Allies and then Assistants, you will see her in your list. Right clicking on her will give you the option to summon her.
Giladil the Ragpicker NPC deconstruct merchant in ESO
You can also directly bind her to your quick navigation slot. The way to do this is open your inventory, go to the far right where you find the Quickslots menu, then click on Allies and drag Giladil unto a spot in the wheel to your left.
Giladil the Ragpicker NPC deconstruct merchant in ESO
We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful!


Frequently asked questions

How to get the Deconstruct Assistant in ESO?

You can get her by navigating to the Crown Store and buying her from there. Sometimes she is featured and you might find her for a lower price!

What is the Deconstruct Assistant called in ESO?

In 2022 we will have one Deconstruct Assistant so far: Giladil the Ragpicker. 
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