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Draoife Storystone - ESO header

Draoife Storystone - ESO

Draoife Storystone - ESO

Draoife Storystone icon

Draoife Storystone

Type Posts and Pillars
Need a focal point in your garden? This druidic megalith certainly works as one, plus lends the environment both a sense of agelessness and dramatic story.
Name: Draoife Storystone
Quality: Epic
Found in: Courtyard > Posts and Pillars
Location details: Antiquity in High Isle, can be bought at High Isle Achievement Furnisher after you have excavated it as an antiquity three times and finished the codex for it.

This item can be bought from the following vendors:
This item was added to the game with the High Isle DLC

Leads for Draoife Storystone

Lead Dig zone Drop zone Location
Draoife Storystone icon Draoife Storystone Draoife Storystone Draoife Storystone icon High Isle and Amenos High Isle and Amenos High Isle Reward Coffer (reward for the delve or world boss daily quest in Gonfalon Bay, High Isle)

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Draoife Storystone in ESO?

Draoife Storystone can be bought from the following vendors: Jeran Antieve in High Isle and Amenos for 15000 Gold

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