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ESO Gates of Oblivion Event header

ESO Gates of Oblivion Event

ESO Gates of Oblivion Event

Updated: 22/09/2023

The ESO Gates of Oblivion event is a celebration of the Blackwood chapter in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and is a bigger event that will unlock many new rewards by earning the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement.  

In this Event you'll be able to earn Event Tickets by completing Deadlands and Blackwood content, which you'll then be able to spend to obtain special rewards. In this guide we will explain how the event works and showcase the available rewards, and how to obtain them. 

How to get started with the ESO Gates of Oblivion Event

While some events in ESO require you to complete an introduction quest before you can fully access the bonuses afforded by the event, this is not the case with the Gates of Oblivion Event. 

To get started you simply need to complete a daily quest in Blackwood or the Deadlands, and you'll automatically earn rewards. 

However, you can complete an optional introduction quest by navigating to the "Events" section of the Crown Store and grabbing the Burdensome Beasts quest (it's free). This gives you a quest which will introduce you to the Gates of Oblivion Event. 

ESO Gates of Oblivion Quest
ESO Gates of Oblivion Quest

Gates of Oblivion Event Extra Rewards

While the Gate of Oblivion Event is active, all players will be able to access the following bonuses in the Blackwood and Deadlands zones:

ESO Gates of Oblivion Reward Boxes

In the ESO Gates of Oblivion Event, you'll be able to earn special reward boxes containing various rewards that aren't normally obtainable. In this section we'll go over how to earn these, and what you can find in them. 

How to Earn Gates of Oblivion Coffers

There are two types of reward boxes/coffers available in the Gates of Oblivion Event. The gold-quality Glorious Reward Coffer is much rarer. You can earn up to two of these per day:

Subsequent Daily Quest and dungeon completions will instead reward a Purple-quality reward box, which are less likely to contain the rarest rewards available in this Event (more on those below). You can also earn these boxes by completing some other activities in Blackwood and the Deadlands, such as:

  • Defeating World Bosses
  • Defeating Delve Bosses
  • Harvesting Resource Nodes
ESO Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood Style
ESO Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood Style

Gates of Oblivion Reward Coffers Contents

We don't yet have an exhaustive list of the possible contents of the Gates of Oblivion reward boxes. However we do know that you'll be able to obtain pages of the new Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood style motif. These are more likely to be found in the gold quality coffers. 

Gates of Oblivion Event Tickets

You will be able to earn Event Tickets during the Gates of Oblivion Event in ESO. 

You can get two Event Tickets per daily reset by completing any of the following tasks:

Impresario Rewards

During the Gates of Oblivion ESO Event, the Impresario vendor will sell the following items in exchange for Event Tickets:

ESO Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount
ESO Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount

Indrik Vendor Rewards

Alternatively, you can choose to spend your Event Tickets at the Indrik Vendor to purchase various Indrik mounts and pets. The avaiable Indriks change depending on the time of year. 

During Gates of Oblivion, you can purchase the following from the Indrik Vendor:

ESO Crimson Indrik Mount
ESO Crimson Indrik Mount

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