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Grand Oratory Clue Tales of Tribute Clue - ESO header

Grand Oratory Clue Tales of Tribute Clue - ESO

Grand Oratory Clue Tales of Tribute Clue - ESO

Stros M'Kai Tales of Tribute Clue
Grand Oratory Clue icon

Grand Oratory Clue

A clue to find a special card in Stros M'Kai for the Tales of Tribute card game
Grand Oratory Clue is a clue in the Tales of Tribute card game in the Elder Scrolls Online. This clue points to a card that can be found in Stros M'Kai.

Name: Grand Oratory Clue
Tales of Tribute Card: Grand Oratory
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Location details: At the Pillar of the Singing Sun striking locale (eye symbol on the map) on Stros M'kai's west coast.

Tales of Tribute clues can be obtained by opening Tales of Tribute rewards boxes. You get these boxes from playing Tales of Tribute matches. Tales of Tribute reward boxes have a small chance to drop clues.

After you have obtained the Tales of Tribute clue, you can go a find the corresponding card in the world.

Clue location on the map

Grand Oratory Clue map

You need the clue in your inventory (like a treasure map) 
The Grand Oratory Clue says the following:
To Stros M'kai
There now will you sail.

Singing sun sky
Midst harsh island gale.

In pillar's shadow
With horizon in sight.

Here lies your card
Oratorical might.

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