New Mythics in ESO Firesong - Are They Any Good?

By Andrew | 21 Sep 2022 | Share
New Mythics in ESO Firesong - Are They Any Good?

ESO's upcoming Firesong DLC will add three new Mythic items to the game. To obtain them, players will need to have access to both Firesong itself as well as Greymoor. To learn more about how to get antiquities, including rare Mythic items, check out our Antiquities guide. 

So, what are the new Mythic items, and how good are they? Let's have a look. 

Faun's Lark Cladding

The first new Mythic item in ESO Firesong is the Faun's Lark Cladding. It is a medium armor chest piece which passively applies a new special ability to your character when you are wearing it. It allows you to pass through enemies when you are sprinting, and charming any enemies who chase you, removing their ability to attack or cast abilities. When you charm an enemy you will restore 678 health, magicka and stamina. 

This mythic pretty much sets the theme for all three of the Mythics - they're all a bit unusual. Faun's Lark Cladding looks like it could be another one of those items that gankers can use to really annoy people who are trying to chase them down in PvP, Perhaps you could also use it for solo arenas to take some pressure off yourself by preventing enemies from attacking you while running to a more prudent position (I'm thinking of the ice stage in Maelstrom Arena), but is it worth using a Mythic slot on that? You could use Ring of the Pale Order instead, which is a great option for solo arenas. Perhaps I am missing something with this but I can't imagine myself wanting to use it for anything other than trolling. 

Faun's Lark Cladding effect in ESOFaun's Lark Cladding effect in ESO

Stormweaver's Cavort

Next up is the Stormweaver's Cavort, a Light Armor piece which occupies the legs slot. This mythic gives you 300 magicka recovery, and causes your core abilities (sprint, roll dodge, block, bash, break free and sneak) to cost magicka instead of stamina. Blocking, sneaking or sprinting will block your magicka recovery, but your stamina recovery will be enabled when you are doing one of these things. 

So this basically flips core abilities to magicka rather than stamina, which could perhaps make resource management a little bit easier if most of your combat abilities cost stamina - ordinarily if you are having to block and dodge a lot it can make sustaining on a stamina build a little bit tricky and you can find yourself having to heavy attack quite a lot. 

There's also the idea of the "magicka tank", something which ZOS have tried to facilitate with the Tri Focus passive switching your block cost to magicka when you are using a frost staff. I generally advise new tanks not to unlock this passive, because it has potentially overlooked consequences like preventing you from using Balance to sustain permablock, and makes it harder to cast other useful skills such as damage shields, self heals and other utility skills such as group buffs. In my opinion, high magicka recovery is simply the most versatile and reliable way to build tanks in ESO, which is why I always recommend it to beginners who are complaining of sustain issues. These problems are made worse with this Mythic. But if you understand all of that, are good at theory-crafting, have figured out ways to overcome those problems and feel like making a true Magicka tank for the fun of it, then by all means give it a try.

Stormweaver's Cavort in ESOStormweaver's Cavort in ESO

Syrabane's Ward

The final new Mythic in Firesong is the Syrabane's Ward, a heavy armor piece that occupies the belt slot. This is a tank focused mythic that changes how your block works. When you block while wearing this mythic, you will become completely immobile until you stop blocking. But you also create an AOE when blocking - allies stood inside this AOE will have 30% increased block mitigation and 950 extra health recovery. These buffs only apply to your friends though, you don't get them yourself. 

For PvE this is certainly very niche indeed. If your group is having trouble completing a fight where players have to block a lot (but are still dying in spite of blocking) then maybe this could get you over the finish line. One example I can think of is Lokkestiiz hardmode, where the group has to spread out and hold block during the flight phase (and groups still tend to die regardless of blocking when people are still learning). Tanks don't really have a huge amount of challenging tasks to do in this fight, so they could put on this mythic to help players survive the flight phase if they are really struggling with it. You could also put it on the healers. 

As for PvP, I have already seen a bit of concern on the forums that this could be used by ball groups to make them even harder to defeat, as stacking group mitigation and healing with coordinated bursts of AOE damage is basically how these groups operate and what makes them so powerful. Time will tell if this actually materializes or has any effect on the PvP meta, though. 

Syrabane's Ward effect in ESOSyrabane's Ward effect in ESOAll three of these Mythic items seem to be focusing more on adding fun and interesting new interactions to the game for players to tinker with, rather than anything especially powerful or impactful at an endgame level, and that's also fine. 

We hope you enjoyed this article about Mythic items in ESO Firesong. The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Zenimax Online Studios.
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