2021 and onward!

2021 and onward!
By Alcast at 3 Jan 2021 12:17

In today's article we want to take a look back at 2020 and we also want to talk about what awaits us in 2021.

2020 Recap

Our primary focus in 2020 was to prepare and launch the beta of ESO-hub.com. Our three other sites ESO-Sets.com, ESO-Skillbook.com and ESO-Housing.com will eventually be merged into ESO-hub.com. However, there are still plenty of features that we have to transfer over to ESO-Hub.com before we can merge the sites. We will of course keep all the websites up to date until we can merge them into ESO-hub.com.

2021 and onwards!

Going forward, Alcasthq.com and ESO-hub.com will be our main websites that we maintain and want to build new features on. In a previous article we gave a brief overlook over the current features on ESO-hub.com.

We are already working on plenty of new features for ESO-hub.com, as we want to be able to provide the complete ESO experience to our community going forward. That also includes the long awaited Build Editor (yes, it is coming #noETA), Cosmetics, Alchemy Simulator and more. You can find a full list of all planned features in our community discord server.

Let's not forget our good old friend the DwemerAutomaton.com. The Dwemer Automaton will grow alongside ESO-hub.com. The discord bot is already present on over 17000 servers and we will keep adding new functions to it over time.

We plan on completing most of the planned features within the next two years. That sounds like a long time but we think that ESO will keep thriving for another 5-10 years, especially now that Microsoft acquired the rights to all the Zenimax Media companies, including Zenimax Online Studios which produces our beloved ESO.

We already know that ESO will announce its next chapter #GatesOfOblivion in January and we are looking forward to all the new features with the chapters release. Lyranth, an ESO character already sent out a letter to content creators, preparing for the big announcement!

Support us

You can support our work on our ESO-Hub Patreon or by simply sharing our content that we produce, every bit helps, thanks!

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