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How to join a Guild Guide for ESO

Welcome to the How to join a Guild Guide for ESO! ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) offers you a great way to connect with people, and aside from a zone chat this is through guilds. These guilds are communities of like-minded people that follow certain themes, and can range from Roleplay Guilds to PvP Guilds which are mainly focused on these topics. Or you can join a Social Guild, something especially new players may want to enjoy so that they can talk to people while learning more about the game, or even getting some advice from their fellow Guildmates.

The best thing about this is that you can join up to 5 guilds! Which means that you are not forced to just choose one topic which you would want to join for. Which means that you can be in a guild that focuses on PvP, one that focuses on socialization and even one that focuses solely on selling items. There’s pretty much a spot for any kind of guild!

Now, in order to join a guild you may notice that there are boards in the towns which will tell you about guilds. That is usually the first way you get into contact with guilds.

To actually join a guild though you will have to open your Guild Finder from the Guild menu, which you will be prompted to do once you open your Guild tab. (On PC/Mac/Stadia this is G)
Guild Finder tab ESO
Once you have done so, navigate to “Browse Guilds” and you will find 7 subcategories by which you can search guilds. These are the aforementioned topics; Trading, Group PvE, Roleplaying, Social, PvP, Questing and Crafting. On the right side you will find the guilds that have listed themselves as accepting and looking for members and on which you can click to learn more about them.
Guild finder tab in ESO with Browse Guilds tab
Once you have learned more about them you can check which key you have to hit to apply (on PC the default is R) and then a window will open.
R Apply to Guild button in ESO
In the Application window you will have to write down why you want to join the guild and sometimes it even mentions the requirements that are needed to join the guild in their text. For example, a PvP guild might only look for a specific alliance member, because that is the only alliance they play in.
Application for in-game guild in ESO window
Once you are done, you submit it and then you will hear back from them by means of your Notifications. It can take up to a few minutes, up to multiple days until you hear back from them, so don’t give up if it takes a while. As soon as you are accept you can use /g1 (on PC/Mac/Stadia) or select the guild channel and can say “Hi!” for example.

ESO Forums

There's also another option and that is searching for a guild on the Internet in the ESO Forums. For that you have to navigate to the official The Elder Scrolls Online Forums and scroll all the way to the bottom.
ESO Forums Guild Recruitment
This way guild leaders and recruiters can expand a lot on what they are doing, and you can search cross platform.


There's also the option to search on Reddit for a guild of your choice. The Subreddit is called r/ESOGuilds and offers also a means of looking for a guild.

In the end it doesn't hurt to look in all places, if you can't find directly what you are looking for!

We hope you enjoyed the How to join a Guild guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)!


Frequently asked questions

How do I find a guild in ESO?

You can browse to the Guild tab and from there you can Browse Guilds. There you can choose which should be the main topic of the Guild you are looking for and then apply for the Guild!

How do ESO guilds work?

You can be in up to 5 guilds and all these guilds have their own channels in which you can talk. You can also ask for permission to take things from the bank, which the entire guild shares, or you can sell items in a guild-store.

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