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How to Unlock the Almalexia Tales of Tribute Deck in ESO Necrom


In this guide we will explain how to obtain the new Almalexia Deck. The Almalexia deck was added to ESO with the Necrom chapter. In order to obtain and play with the deck, you will need access to both Necrom and High Isle

Please note that this guide is currently a Work in Progress.

To create the Almalexia deck, you will need to collect five deck fragments. On this page we will guide you through all five of these. 

Table of contents

Academ's Almalexia Deck Fragment

The Academ's Almalexia Deck Fragment can be found occasionally in the City of Recondite. 

Delver's Almalexia Deck Fragment

The Delver's Almalexia Deck Fragment is found occasionally in Delves on the Telvanni Peninsula

Hero's Almalexia Deck Fragment

You can get the Hero's Almalexia Deck Fragment by defeating bosses inside the Gorne and The Underweave Public Dungeons. 

Seeker's Almalexia Deck Fragment

To obtain the Seeker's Almalexia Deck Fragment, you need to complete the quest "Llaro's Headache" in Apocrypha

Slayer's Almalexia Deck Fragment

The Slayer's Almalexia Deck Fragment drops occasionally from World Bosses on the Telvanni Peninsula



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