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How to get a Transmute Station Guide ESO

In this guide we are going to take a look at how to get the Transmute Station in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Transmute Stations are crafting stations where you can change traits on your items permanently. Crystals are needed for this and are called Transmute Crystal.

There is a Transmute Station in the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City. You may also acquire a Transmute Station for use in a home you own, or may visit friends' homes and use any Transmute Stations they possess.
Transmute Station in Clockwork City ESO
In order to change an item's trait, you must have researched the trait you wish to have on the type of item you wish to change.

Once an item's trait has been changed through Transmutation, it can no longer be used for research. The item also becomes bound to you, if it was not already, and can no longer be traded away.

Transmute Station Locations

The first Transmute Station you will stumble upon is in Clockwork Station. Since this has been a feature with the Clockwork City DLC, it is also the last and only place you can access a Transmute Station in the game.
Clockwork City Transmute Station Location in ESO
If you want to have easier access, you can acquire a Transmute Station in several ways.

The easiest way to get a Transmute Station is by buying it. It is also the most expensive one, though. You can buy one either through the Crown Store specific part of your housing UI or from Guild Traders. You can also always ask a friend of course, but if you don't have anyone you could ask, these are currently the only ways.
Guild Store Transmute Station in ESO
If you buy it from Guild Traders you can easily spend up multiple millions of gold on one. This Transmute Station you can place into your in-game house, which you have acquired through the Housing system.

Inside the Housing system (via the Housing menu in your house), you can also buy the Transmute Station for Crowns. If you don't have Crowns, but have gold, you can also get it gifted by trading Gold for Crowns.
Transmute Station in the Housing Crown Store in ESO
If you don't want to spend too much gold on it, but have had a character for a longer time already, you can also acquire a Transmute Station for Crafting Tickets. This requires you to have researched most, if not all traits, know a lot of Motifs, have some spare gold for Motifs you don't know yet and lots of materials. That way you can do Master Writs. These will give you Crafting Tickets upon handing in and with these you can buy a Transmute Station. You can find Rolis Halaalu outside of the south entrance to Mournhold in Deshaan.
Transmute Station at Rolis Hlaalu in Mournhold in ESO
We hope you enjoyed this guide and will find it easy to acquire a Transmute Station of your own in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)!


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