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Fishing Guide - Elder Scrolls Online


Nine Types of Bait

In this part of the Fishing Guide for The Elder Scrolls Online we are going to take a look at the 9 different baits that exist.

Bait Selection Fishing Guide ESOBait Types

Bait Storage

Bait items are stored in the crafting bag (ESO Plus) or in your inventory (Without ESO Plus) and are categorized as Provisioning materials.

All 9 Bait Types

In the table below you can see all the 9 different bait types that exist, where they are used and what rewards you can get by using them.

Bait TypeWater TypeBait RewardCommon Fish Reward
Fish RoeFoulChubTrodh
Insect PartsRiverFish RoeSalmon
ShadRiverFish RoeRiver Betty
GutsLakeShadSilverside Perch

Note: The extra bait you receive from fishing has no impact on your chance of catching rare fish.

 How to acquire Baits?

The easiest way would be to buy them in the Guildstores, the baits are not expensive to purchase. Naturally, you will obtain some baits anyway by just killing monsters or looting level 1 Insects for example Beetles.

Other ways to obtain baits for fishing in The Elder Scrolls Online are:

Bait TypeLocation 1Location 2Location 3
ChubFoul water

WormsHarvesting PlantsZombies
CrawlersHarvesting PlantsZombiesSpiders, Centipedes, Scribs
Fish RoeRiver water

Insect PartsLooting Insects, Butterflies, Torchbugs, Flesh Flies

ShadLake water

GutsRabbits, Goats, Chickens, Bantams


What are Baits used for?

Apart from the obvious usage in fishing, baits are also often used in Provisioning Crafting for recipes or for furnishings. For example:

  • Dubious Camoran Throne - White Meat, Beetle Scuttle, Insect Parts, Guts
  • Ghastly Eye Bowl - Worms, Fleshfly Larva, Bananas, Rose
  • Crunchy Spider Skewer - Spider Egg, Crawlers, Acai Berry, Seasoning
  • Orzorga's Blood Price Pie - Red Meat, Potato, Violet Coprinus, Guts
  • Orzorga's Triple Trifle Pocket - Guts, Columbine, Beets, White Meat

  • Cauldron of Soup - Regulus, Decorative Wax, Nickel, Guts, Dwarven Oil
  • Cauldron of Stew - Regulus, Decorative Wax, Nickel, Guts, Dwarven Oil

and more.....



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