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Relics of Summerset - ESO header

Relics of Summerset - ESO

Relics of Summerset - ESO

Relics of Summerset icon
Relics of Summerset

Retrieve the 20 dangerous relics stolen from the Vault of Moawita.

  • Retrieve the Lantern of Lies
  • Retrieve the Heart of the Indrik
  • Retrieve the Silver-Tongued Quill
  • Retrieve the Unraveling Wand
  • Retrieve the Skull of Minor Cursing
  • Retrieve the Shadowcutter Blade
  • Retrieve the Soulkeeper's Urn
  • Retrieve the Chest of Condemnation
  • Retrieve the Never-Ending Scroll
  • Retrieve the Inescapable Helm
  • Retrieve the Sticky-Fingered Lute
  • Retrieve the Fan of False-Face
  • Retrieve the Pillow of Sweet Dreams
  • Retrieve the Mirror of Fatal Premonition
  • Retrieve the Monochrome Paintbrush
  • Retrieve the Hourglass of Perceived Time
  • Retrieve the Jaunt of the Jilted
  • Retrieve the Ever-Filling Chalice
  • Retrieve the Chestplate of Dessication
  • Retrieve the Shattering Sword
Collectible: Fan of False-Face
Character title: Finder of Lost Relics
Name: Relics of Summerset
Found in: Summerset > General
Achievement points: 50

After completing this achievement, you may purchase the following furniture: The Keeper's Oath

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