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Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter - ESO header

Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter - ESO

Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter - ESO

Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter icon
Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter

Discover all 18 Skyshards in Northern Elsweyr.

  • Near Riverhold, where the river falls.
  • In the ruins where poachers Prowl.
  • At the creek's end, where shadows dance.
  • In a cart among Rimmen's canes.
  • In a shattered crate beneath the Stitches.
  • In a hidden cave beneath the Moon Gate of Anequina.
  • Overlooking the buzzing hives of Merryvale Farms.
  • Behind a burned out farmhouse.
  • In the shadow of a Dragon's wings.
  • On the ridgeline overlooking the Ashen Scar.
  • In the darkest depths of Orcrest, where all the pipes converge.
  • On an altar, deep within the Rimmen Necropolis.
  • On an unsteady ledge, buffeted by the Desert Wind.
  • Tucked away on the highest scarp of Predator Mesa.
  • At the mouth of a cave, in an ignoble abode.
  • On an oil-slick island in Darkpool Mine.
  • Hidden in the Tangle undergrowth.
  • Protected by the armored guardians of the serpents' tomb.
Name: Northern Elsweyr Skyshard Hunter
Found in: Elsweyr > General
Achievement points: 10

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