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What is the Transmutation System?

The Transmutation System is one of many that you can find in ESO. The Transmute System allows you to transmute items to any trait available, the only requirement is that you have researched the trait previously, making it even more important to research traits! In addition, you also need Transmute Crystals to perform the change.

Transmute Station Transmute System Guide ESOTransmute Station

The Basics - Transmute System

Through a Transmute Station, you can use crystals created through powerful events to fundamentally alter your items. This takes the form of changing the item's trait.

There is a Transmute Station in the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City. You may also acquire a Transmute Station for use in a home you own, or may visit a friends' home and use any Transmute Stations they possess.

In order to change an item's trait, you must have researched the trait you wish to have on the type of item you wish to change.

Once an item's trait has been changed through Transmutation, it can no longer be used for research. The item also becomes bound to you, if it was not already and can no longer be traded.

Location in Brass Fortress in Clockwork City

There is a free Transmutation Station the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City. Everyone can access it, you still need the Clockwork City DLC to get there.

Brass Fortress Clockwork City Transmute System Guide ESOBrass Fortress Clockwork City

What Items can you transmute?

The Transmutation System allows you to transmute the following item types:
All Armors, that includes Light, Medium and Heavy pieces (Chest, Head, Shoulder, Hands, Belt, Pants, Boots)

  • Chest
  • Head
  • Shoulder
  • Hands
  • Belt
  • Pants
  • Boots

All Weapons, that includes Two-Handed Weapons, One-Handed Weapons, Bows and Shields

  • Fire Staff
  • Frost Staff
  • Lightning Staff
  • Greatsword
  • Maul
  • Battle Axe
  • Bows

  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Axe
  • Dagger
  • Shields

You can also transmute Monster Masks, Ability-Altering Weapons, Trial Sets, Dungeon Sets etc, everything is transmutable.

Requirements for transmuting an Item?

To successfully transmute an item you will need Transmute Crystals and you need to have researched the trait you want to transmute on the specific armor or weapon piece.

  • Transmute Crystals
  • Trait researched
  • Access to a Transmutation Station

How do I get Transmutation Crystals?

You can find Transmutation Crystals in various activities. You can obtain guaranteed drops from:

Guarenteed Drops Transmutation CrystalsCrystal Amount
Alliiance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)50
Alliance War Top 10% Leaderboard50
Ailliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)10
Alliance War Top 10% Leaderboard10
Arena Leaderboard5
Trial Leaderboard5
Battleground Leaderboard?
Random Daily Activity Finder (Once per day)2 - 4
Rewards of the Worthy (Once per day)4 - 25
Trial Weekly Quests5
Undaunted Pledges Normal1
Undaunted Pledges Veteran2
Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode4
Veteran Dragonstar Arena5
Veteran Maelstrom Arena4
Veteran Blackrose Prison Arena5

You can also obtain potential drops from various activities:

Potential Drops Transmutation GeodesCrystal Amount
Dungeon Endboss1 - 10
Trial Endboss1 - 10
Random Daily Activity Finder (1st activty only)1 - 4
Rewards of the Worthy (1st activty only)1 - 10

Here in the picture you can see various examples of Transmutation geodes that you can obtain.

Transmutation Geodes Transmute System Guide ESOTransmutation Geodes

There is a total of two different Transmutation Geode version.

  • Transmutation Geodes
  • Uncracked Transmutation Geodes

The Transmutation Geodes have a fixed amount of Transmutation Crystals in them depending on the quality of the geode.

Transmutation Geodes QualityCrystal Amount
Fine (Green)1
Superior (Blue)5
Epic (Purple)?
Legendary (Gold)50

The Uncracked Transmutation Geodes have a variable amount of Transmutation Crystals in them depending on the quality of the geode.

Uncracked Transmutation GeodeCrystal Amount
Fine (Green)?
Superior (Blue)1 - 3
Epic (Purple)1 - 10
Legendary (Gold)4 - 25

How many Transmutation Crystals can I hold?

Transmutation Crystals have a limit in your inventory. Only a 100 Transmutation Crystals can be held if you don't have ESO Plus. With ESO Plus the amount gets doubled to 200. However, you can hold as many geodes as you want but they will fill up your inventory a bit sometimes, making it a pain to handle.

ESO Plus200
Non-ESO Plus100

In the picture below you can see a player attempting to transmute a Bright-Throat's Boast ring.

Transmute Example Transmute System Guide ESOTransmutation Station


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