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The Best Ember The Khajiit Leveling Guide for ESO

Ember The Khajiit is a new companion introduced with the High Isle Chapter. Companions are NPCs that follow the player around and support them in combat. These companions start pretty much at zero though, which means they need to be leveled.

Ember, one of the companions, can have 20 base levels, also called Combat Levels. In order to reach the maximum level and efficiency, Ember must level through combat. She can not receive experience by fulfilling quests, or receiving rewards otherwise.

Ember levels almost the same as the player, except for receiving only 15% of the experience that the player gained. This means that players get the full experience and Ember gets an additional 15% of the experience that the player gained. So there's no loss for the player. This applies only to experience gained directly from combat. Experience increasing effects such as holiday bonuses and consumable boosters applied to a player's character will provide an indirect benefit to the companion as well.

In order to level the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted for Ember, you need to do the Dailies of those guilds. Collecting Mages Guild books for example won't level her skill line.

Ember has to be active at all times during these activities, if the player wants to level her up. With the exception of quests and rapport, which collectively represents the relationship between each character and Ember The Khajiit, all companion progress is account-wide. Meaning that when the player has Level 14 on their companion's Combat Level, this is account-wide.

As Ember gains combat levels, her health and overall power (which affects weapon and spell damage) increases automatically, additional ability bar slots unlock, and more class abilities become available. This includes an Ultimate slot and ability, which unlock at combat level 20.

Table of contents

Leveling up Guild Skill Lines for Ember in ESO

You can find the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild daily quests in all major cities, from base game to DLCs to the newest chapter. The locations are as follows:

  • Grahtwood - Elden Root
  • Deshaan - Mournhold
  • Stormhaven - Wayrest
  • Vvardenfell - Vivec City
  • Summerset - Alinor
  • Elsweyr - Rimmen
  • Greymoor - Solitude
  • Blackwood - Leyawiin

The location of the Undaunted enclaves are located only in the base game, but in the same major cities. Look out for this symbol on your map:

  • Grahtwood - Elden Root
  • Deshaan - Mournhold
  • Stormhaven - Wayrest

For Mages Guild look out for this symbol on your map.

For Fighters Guild look out for this symbol on your map.

For Undaunted Enclave look out for this symbol on your map.

Preparation for leveling Ember in ESO

In order to get the maximum benefit of what is available to the player, these lists will help you get what you need in order to get a great damage boost to level Ember the Khajiit companion.

  • Wear Training gear and get Training weapons in order to increase the experience you get
  • Have buffs active, such as Crown Experience Scrolls or Aetherial Ambrosia
  • Either have ESO+ or get married and wear your Ring of Mara while grinding with your partner
  • Be in a group of two people, not more. You will only get penalties if your group is bigger. Mirri does not count towards this group-size bonus!

Be aware that the Drinks and Scrolls do not stack with each other.

Let's take the most basic setup that you could easily achieve and without a lot of effort:

  • 70% from Gear
  • 8% from Weapon
  • 10% from ESO Plus Membership or Ring of Mara
  • 10% for being in a group of two
  • 50% from Psijic Ambrosia or EXP Scroll

Those things already give you a 148% Experience Boost.

Now let's take a look at the maximum Experience Boost that you can achieve:

  • 70% from Gear
  • 8% from Weapon
  • 10% from ESO Plus Membership or 10% from Marriage
  • 10% for being in a group of two
  • 150% from Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia Drink or EXP Scroll
  • 100% ESO in game Events (Witches & New Life Festival etc.)

That's a total of 358% Experience Boost.

However, keep in mind that the in-game events are not always active and only happen a couple of times a year.

Leveling Ember at a Dolmen or Harrowstorm in ESO

Should I grind at a Dolmen or Harrowstorm?

Yes and no. As said before, you will only be able to level your companion through combat experience. A finished dolmen will not give your companion experience, only the Daedra you killed in order to defeat the Dolmen. If you are aware of this problem, then no, it's actually not worth it, especially if it's in the famous dolmen grinding spots. If you don't care about being fast though, it can be a very chilled way to level them up though with not a lot of risks.

Great Locations to Level Up Ember in ESO

Because everything gets scaled, there are tons of good grind spots in the game to level up Ember the Khajiit companion. The open world grindspots usually give the most experience, if you are not being interrupted by others. If all of these grindspots are full, you can also go into Skyreach Catacombs or do the first arena of Blackrose Prison on normal (DLC).

  • Easiest grindspots for Beginners with the base game are Greenshade, Alik'r Desert, Coldharbour (No DLC required)
  • Easiest grindspots for Beginners with Orsinium DLC is Old Orsinium or Rkindaleft Public Dungeon.
  • Most effective grind is in the Imperial Sewers grindspot but also toughest and most dangerous because PVP zone (Imperial City)
  • Instanced grindspot can be found in Skyreach Catacombs in Craglorn, relatively decent EXP but it has one advantage, it is intanced so nobody is going to bother you (No DLC required)
  • Very effective grind spots but crowded most of times can be found in Spellscar and Forgotten Wastes

Greenshade Zombie Grind (No DLC required)
Picture of the map of Greenshade where to find the Zombies next to Verrant Morass Wayshrine
The Zombies here are very easy to kill and you can pull a lot of them together at once, very good Experience. However, this grindspot is usually only free in the morning as it is very popular. The Verrant Morass Wayshrine is close by, make sure to unlock it so you can teleport there again.

Alik'r Desert Zombie Grind (No DLC required)
Map that shows where to find the zombies in Alik'r Desert
This is another very good Zombie grinding spot, same as with Greenshade, quite popular so make sure to grind in the morning. Zombies die very fast and barely do any damage. The Sentinel Wayshrine is close by make sure to unlock the wayshrine.

Coldharbour Zombie Grind (No DLC required)
Map that shows where to find Coldharbour zombies next the Everfull Flagon Wayshrine
You need to teleport to someone to instantly access this grinding spot, also very popular and no DLC is required to grind here. Zombies die very fast and barely do any damage.

Court of Contempt (Coldharbour)Court of Contempt Wayshrine close to the zombie grind in Coldharbour
This is also one of everyone's favorite grind spots, it is easy to access once you have Coldharbour unlocked and you will be killing a lot of Undead and Daedra which also levels up your Fighters Guild at the same time! Occasionally questers run through this area, but they usually move on pretty fast.

For more information and different locations please visit Alcast's Guide upon which this guide is based.

Achievements related to this guide

Name Description
Ember's Companion icon

Ember's Companion

Complete the companion quests for Ember.

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