Alliance War Boosters (War Torte) - ESO header
Alliance War Boosters (War Torte) - ESO
Alliance War Boosters (War Torte) - ESO

Alliance War Skill Boosters - War Torte Consumable

Welcome to the Alliance War Skill Boosters Guide. In this guide we are going to take a look where you can obtain these different war tortes in the Elder Scrolls Online.

The War Tortes increase the rate at which you advance your Alliance War skill-lines by 50%, 100% or a 150%.The War Tortes also boosts your Alliance rank gains.

When can you use the Alliance War Skill Boosters?

  • You can use the War Tortes as soon as you reach level 10.

What does get boosted?

  • The boost applies towards advancing your Alliance War skill-lines and Alliance rank.

What stacks with what?

  • War Tortes won't stack with one another. If you've just consumed a War Torte of any kind, you can't consume another War Torte until the first one's duration runs out.
  • War Tortes are considered a food for the purposes of Provisioning. However, they don't prevent you from also having a food or drink buff active. This means you can eat a Colovian War Torte, immediately eat a Mistral Banana-Bunny Hash, and you will have both effects active on you.
    • If you have the Chef passive, you'll make more units of War Torts per crafting attempt. This means that, at maximum Chef rank, you'll make four units of War Torte every time you craft one of their recipes.
    • If you have the Gourmand passive, the duration of any War Tortes you eat will be increased. This means that, at maximum Gourmand rank, each unit of War Torte you eat will last 50 minutes, rather than the listed 30 minutes.
  • Taken together, someone who is both a fully-ranked Chef and Gourmand creating War Torte for their own use will get a total of three hours and twenty minutes of Alliance Skill boost from a single crafting of the recipe.
  • War Tortes also don't prevent you from having an EXP-boosting consumable's effect active.

How do you make War Tortes?

  • All three recipes require you have your Provisioner Recipe Quality passive at Rank 4, and your Recipe Improvement passive at Rank 6; that is, both must be maxed out.

Colovian War Torte
  • The recipe for the Colovian War Torte (the baseline, 50% boost item) can be found rarely in the wilds of Cyrodiil, from a curious, green-glowing book. This recipe requires a new ingredient, Cyrodiil Citrus. These sweet fruits can be obtained by completing quests in any of the five towns in Cyrodiil.
  • Learn more here: Colovian War Torte How To

Molten War Torte

White-Gold War Torte
  • The recipe for the White-Gold War Torte requires a recipe scroll for the Molten War Torte. You'll need to combine that with Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis.
  • The Chef Arquitius's Lost Thesis tome can be obtained from completing a Battleground; while it is exceptionally rare, it is more likely to drop the more victorious you are in battle.
  • The White-Gold War Torte requires a unit of Molten War Torte, as well as a new ingredient, Mourning Dew.
  • The Mourning Dew item is found, very rarely, from crafting resource nodes throughout Cyrodiil.
  • Learn more here: White-Gold War Torte How To

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