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ESO Year One Celebration Event Guide header

ESO Year One Celebration Event Guide

ESO Year One Celebration Event Guide

Updated: 01/01/2023

The Year One Celebration Event takes us back to Craglorn, the Imperial City and Wrothgar. Craglorn came as an addition to the base game back in 2014, on May 22nd. the Imperial City and Wrothgar were released in August and November of 2015, which makes it all the first content that was released in ESO.

With the Year One Celebration, you will be able to earn plenty of rewards, as there will be double drops in all of these zones, as well as the golden Glorious Year One Coffer when you complete your first daily in these zones. For participating in any activity of these zones, such as killing bosses, you will also receive a purple Year One Coffer! These have the chance to drop some items from former events, such as the Orsinium DLC event and the Imperial City event from past years. You will also be able to earn double rewards for defeating world bosses and delve bosses, killing bosses in the Maelstrom or Dragonstar arena, killing bosses in any of the three trials in Craglorn (Aetherian Archive, Hel Ra Citadel or Sanctum Ophidia), double Tel Var stones from enemies in the Imperial City, killing bosses in the White Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeon, and get double yield from any harvesting node in any of the three zones.

Other rewards you can get are:

  • 2 Event Tickets per day from daily quests (1 from Craglorn/Wrothgar and 1 from Imperial City)
  • Old Orsinium Weapon style
  • Maelstrom Weapon style
  • Legion Zero Vigiles style
  • Griffon Feather
Check out our Dailies list by zones here or jump directly to Craglorn, Imperial City or Wrothgar!

In order to access Wrothgar, you either need to own the Orsinium DLC, or have an ESO+ subscription. Craglornis part of the base game and you don't need any DLC or ESO+ subscription. Imperial City is free in the Crown Store, but needs to be claimed from there in order for you to access it.

Year One Celebration ESO EVENT

Past event dates

  • From: Aug 26th 2021, To: Sep 7th 2021

Outfit styles and motifs

Icon icon Legion Zero Vigiles The Legion Zero Vigiles style could be acquired from Legion Zero Strongboxes or purchased from the Impresario during the Imperial City Celebration.
Icon icon Old Orsinium An Outfit look for one-handed weapons in the Old Orsinium style.
Icon icon The Maelstrom The style of Maelstrom weapons, obtained from Maelstrom Arena during the Orsinium Celebration.

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