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Black Drake Villa icon Black Drake Villa Black Drake Villa
Black Drake Villa icon
Under the ruins of the once-opulent Black Drake Villa, a grand library holds treasures and ancient tomes from across Tamriel. Gather your companions for a race against time to recover a mysterious book before dark forces burn everything to ash.
Blackwood icon Blackwood Blackwood
Blackwood icon
A call to arms! The Chamber of Legates in Leyawiin needs help to investigate a threat against former Imperial councilors and the activities of a Mehrunes Dagon cult. Seek the leader of the Ivory Brigade in Leyawiin, the capital of Blackwood.
Bloodroot Forge icon Bloodroot Forge Bloodroot Forge
Bloodroot Forge icon
Deep in the Jerall Mountains lies the long forgotten ruins of the Bloodroot Forge, an ancient place of power rekindled after centuries of dormancy by Dreadhorn Reach Clan to fuel their campaign of conquest.
Castle Thorn icon Castle Thorn Castle Thorn
Castle Thorn icon
After years of isolation, the mysterious Lady Thorn now amasses a dread army within the walls of her ancient castle. Gather your allies, storm the fortress gate, and stop the Thorn Legion before it marches on Western Skyrim.
Clockwork City icon Clockwork City Clockwork City
Clockwork City icon
Reports of mysterious shadow assassins draw you into Sotha Sil's Clockwork City to investigate a new Daedric threat. Uncover the secrets of this strange new zone, take on a new 12-player trial, earn powerful new armor sets and items, and more.
Coral Aerie icon Coral Aerie Coral Aerie
Coral Aerie icon
On an oft overlooked little islet among the Summerset Isles, big trouble is brewing. Help the cagey Captain Kaleen lead a daring rescue of one of her former crew from the dissidents of the Ascendant Order and recover what they stole.
Cradle of Shadows icon Cradle of Shadows Cradle of Shadows
Cradle of Shadows icon
The Argonians of the Dark Brotherhood need your help against a cadre of rogue assassins who threaten to hurl all Black Marsh into bloody chaos. Fight your way into the Cradle of Shadows to uncloak the secrets of the twisted Silken Ring!
Dark Brotherhood icon Dark Brotherhood Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood icon
Your talent for homicide has been noticed and an invitation has arrived—to join the Dark Brotherhood! Come to the Gold Coast, westernmost region of the old Empire, where opportunities abound for intrigue, conspiracy and murder! It's one killer DLC.
Depths of Malatar icon Depths of Malatar Depths of Malatar
Depths of Malatar icon
Centuries ago, the Empire made an ill-fated foray into the ruins an ancient Ayleid city. Follow in their footsteps with the treasure hunter, Tharayya, to discover what they sought and why they disappeared in the Depths of Malatar.
Dragonhold icon Dragonhold Dragonhold
Dragonhold icon
To the heroes of Tamriel! Sai Sahan, blademaster and former captain of the Dragonguard, requires adventurers strong in heart to help fight back against the rage of Dragons that have invaded Elsweyr. Find Sai Sahan in Senchal, in Southern Elsweyr.
Earthen Root Enclave icon Earthen Root Enclave Earthen Root Enclave
Earthen Root Enclave icon
The Firesong Circle, unseen in the wider world for years, now threatens a tender peace between the Druids. Laurel seeks help to protect the resting place of a legendary sacred seed. Can you soothe Air, Root, and Stone, and survive the fury of the Firesong?
Elsweyr icon Elsweyr Elsweyr
Elsweyr icon
The word goes forth! Abnur Tharn, battlemage and former Imperial advisor, requires able-bodied allies to defend the cat-folk of Elsweyr against a rage of Dragons. Only the most brave need apply. Find Tharn in Riverhold, in Northern Elsweyr.
Falkreath Hold icon Falkreath Hold Falkreath Hold
Falkreath Hold icon
Long a symbol of Nord strength, the embattled city of Falkreath has endured countless conflicts with the wild men from the Reach. Until now. Besieged by the mighty Dreadhorn minotaur and Reachman alliance, the final fate of Falkreath is all but sealed.
Fang Lair icon Fang Lair Fang Lair
Fang Lair icon
Venture into the Fang Lair dungeon, put an end to a necromancer threat, and face off against a fearsome reanimated Dragon!
Frostvault icon Frostvault Frostvault
Frostvault icon
After millennia buried under the ice, the lost Vault of Mhuvnak is once again within the reach of the people of Tamriel. Join the treasure hunter, Tharayya, on a daring expedition into the ancient Dwemer Frostvault and reveal the secrets buried there!
Graven Deep icon Graven Deep Graven Deep
Graven Deep icon
An abandoned Dwemer facility sits atop an uncharted island in the Abecean Sea. The prefect place for an adventure! Join Dhulef of the Mages Guild as he investigates mysterious storms, shattered ships, and the dark stirrings of Necromancy at Graven Deep.
Greymoor icon Greymoor Greymoor
Greymoor icon
To the heroes of Tamriel! Jorunn the Skald-King has dispatched agents to Western Skyrim to investigate and deal with a threat not only to Skyrim, but to all of Tamriel. Find the Skald-King's agent in Solitude, the capital city of Haafingar Hold.
High Isle icon High Isle High Isle
High Isle icon
The Society of the Steadfast calls all able-bodied adventurers to the island of High Isle in the Systres Archipelago to assist in a matter of great import to all alliances. Seek out Lady Arabelle Davaux in the city of Gonfalon Bay for details.
Icereach icon Icereach Icereach
Icereach icon
Fierce, unnatural storms swirl around the frozen island of Icereach, sinking ships and lashing the coasts of Skyrim. Fight your way through a frigid ruin and put an end to the unholy ritual at the eye of the storm!
Imperial City icon Imperial City Imperial City
Imperial City icon
Daedric forces have taken the Imperial City, and all three alliances vie to take it back. Experience hours of all-new PvP and PvE gameplay, both above ground and below, plus two new dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, craftable item sets, and more!
Lair of Maarselok icon Lair of Maarselok Lair of Maarselok
Lair of Maarselok icon
The corruption of the Dragon, Maarselok, creeps out from his lair, threatening all Grahtwood. Help the forces of Elden Root defend the Green and end the Azure Blight with an unlikely ally: the forest spirit, Selene.
March of Sacrifices icon March of Sacrifices March of Sacrifices
March of Sacrifices icon
In the realm of the Hunting Grounds, compete with fierce Hircine worshipers in the March of Sacrifices to win the favor of the Daedric Prince. Victory in the hunt will reward great prizes, but more importantly, there are mortal souls at stake!
Markarth icon Markarth Markarth
Markarth icon
A dark army marches across Skyrim! Count Verandis Ravenwatch seeks allies in the wild land of the Reach to uncover the true intent of the Gray Host. Find Verandis near Markarth, the primary city in the untamed Reach.
Moon Hunter Keep icon Moon Hunter Keep Moon Hunter Keep
Moon Hunter Keep icon
A vicious pack of werewolves, led by the mighty Vykosa, has crushed the wolf hunters of the Silver Dawn and occupied their citadel of Moon Hunter Keep. Now you must retake the keep and defeat the Werewolf Lord and her feral followers!
Moongrave Fane icon Moongrave Fane Moongrave Fane
Moongrave Fane icon
A clan of vampires have captured a Dragon at Moongrave Fane and plan to drain its blood to gain its power. You must venture deep within the jungle temple to stop these vampires and the lost Dragonguard that leads them.

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