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Vvardenfell Skyshard Hunter - ESO header

Vvardenfell Skyshard Hunter - ESO

Vvardenfell Skyshard Hunter - ESO

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Vvardenfell Skyshard Hunter

Discover all 18 Skyshards in Vvardenfell.

  • At a small shrine where the road forks.
  • On an isle facing the Sea of Ghosts.
  • On a Dwemer overhang, above a river of lava.
  • On an outcropping overlooking a grisly scene.
  • In a hollow stump on the wetlands.
  • Withheld at customs and stored in the yard.
  • In a stump on the northern shore of Lake Amaya.
  • In the heart of crumbling Daedric ruins.
  • On a stranded rock in a river of lava.
  • Beneath the Dwarven bridge.
  • On a treacherous path overlooking a sea of fire.
  • Heaped onto a cart of stone left on a precarious perch.
  • Nestled with glittering treasures where the red crystals glow.
  • Hidden deep within a shrine to the Prince of Corruption.
  • Where cliff-striders bask under golden rays in their den.
  • On an islet in the subterranean lake.
  • In a cozy bandit’s den.
  • In the deepest depths of a subterranean Dwemer ruin.
Name: Vvardenfell Skyshard Hunter
Found in: Morrowind > General
Achievement points: 10

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