The Upcoming Dragonknight Nerfs in ESO High Isle

By Andrew | 10 May 2022
The Upcoming Dragonknight Nerfs in ESO High Isle

The latest update for the ESO High Isle PTS was released yesterday, revealing the next batch of changes to the game that will hit the live servers on June 6th. The most notable changes were some nerfs to various Dragonknight skills and passives, as well as changes to a couple of the new item sets and mythics. 

Dragonknight nerfs in ESO High Isle

There are three changes to Dragonknight to talk about. Two of them are definitely nerfs, and the third could be seen as more of a skill rework. 

The first change is a nerf to the healing from Burning Embers. This healing was actually buffed quite a bit back in the Ascending Tide update, but it seems that Zenimax weren't happy with this and decided to backtrack. The healing that you get when the skill's damage effect expires has been halved, from healing you for 100% of the damage done to only 50%. You could still get some decent healing ticks from it, but it's a considerably less powerful burst heal now.

Burning Embers skill in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)Next up is a pretty big nerf to the Combustion passive. This passive restores 1000 magicka to you whenever you inflict the Burning status effect on an enemy, and 1000 stamina when you inflict the Poisoned status effect. These values are unchanged, however the cooldown has been increased from 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds. It should still be possible to get decent amounts of resource return, but Dragonknight is a class with quite an expensive skill rotation that relies on passives like Combustion and Battle Roar to sustain, so it will be interesting to see how Dragonknight players adapt to this change.

Finally, we have a rework to the Coagulating Blood skill. This is the morph that generally gets used by builds with high damage numbers, particularly PvE DPS players doing solo content, or PvP dragonknights, as the heal scales from your offensive stats as well as giving you a bonus of up to 33% extra healing depending on your HP level, whereas Green Dragon Blood heals you by 33% of your missing health, making it ideal for tanks who have high HP pools, and it also grants Major Endurance as a bonus. 

Dragon Blood skill in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)Dragon Blood skill in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)The change with High Isle will see a cost increase on Coagulating Blood, increasing it to cost the same amount of Magicka as Green Dragon Blood, while also increasing the bonus healing to up to 50% extra instead of 33%. If anything this is actually probably a small buff, as spamming this skill is not something you would normally want to be doing regardless of the cost increase.

Changes to Mythics and Item sets in ESO High Isle

There are also notable reworks to three of the item sets and mythic items that are coming to the game with ESO High Isle.

Firstly, a minor change with Mora's Whispers will increase your monster kill experience by up to 15% instead of the original value of up to 10%. 

Next up, we have yet another change to the Oakensoul Ring, with all flat stat buffs from the item now completely removed. Some of the major buffs that were granted by this Mythic item after the first rework, namely Major Endurance, Major Fortitude and Major Intellect have now been replaced by their minor counterparts, which does give the ring a little bit more value because the major buffs are very easy to get from potions or other sources, whereas the minor ones are rarer. 

The Oakensoul Ring also has some new buffs added to it, it will now grant you Major Brutality, Major Sorcery, Major Berserk, Major Protection, Major Force and Major Heroism. When it comes to analyzing how useful this item will be on a DPS build, the first three are not really useful at all because you will get them all from endgame setups anyway. The Major Protection might be slightly useful if you just want to increase your survivability but it's not a big deal. 

The Oakensoul Ring might still be good when solo or in a small groupThe Oakensoul Ring might still be good when solo or in a small groupThe last two are interesting though - getting Major Force from this item basically means you will have an Aggressive Horn buff on you constantly which is very nice for solo content but not so useful in trial groups which almost always run a warhorn rotation anyway. Major Heroism however is a very rare buff, the only other way to reliably get it is Warden's Shimmering Shield skill. Having this buff constantly will be pretty wild, but if you're a DPS player is it worth slotting a Mythic item just for this buff? We will do another test of the updated Oakensoul Ring this week to see how this iteration measures up to the previous two, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

Lastly, the new Pillager's Profit set from the Dreadsail Reef trial has been reworked. Instead of immediately giving 28% of your spent ultimate to your allies, it will now give them 20% of your spent ultimate over a 10 second window. This is definitely a nerf but not necessarily a crippling one, I can see the set being used on trash pulls in trials, but the most optimized groups will probably want to switch to something else during boss battles. 

We hope you enjoyed this article about ESO High Isle. ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Zenimax Online Studios.
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