The ESO Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event Begins! Return to Elsweyr

The ESO Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event Begins! Return to Elsweyr
By Alcast at 22 Jul 2021 08:57

The Pan-Elsweyr Celebrationevent begins Thursday, July 22 at 10AM EDT and ends on August 3 at 10AM EDT.

Please visit the Pan-Elsweyr Event Guide for a detailed break down of the event.

The Pan-Elsweyr Celebration event takes place in "Northern Elsweyr" and "Southern Elsweyr" ("Elsweyr" and "Dragonhold" DLCs). If you don’t own Elsweyr or Dragonhold, you can acquire both from the in-game Crown Store during the event period, with 50% off the Elsweyr DLC (and 50% off the Elsweyr Collector’s Pack!) as well as the new addition of the Season of the Dragon mega-pack, which includes the Dragonhold, Wrathstone, and Scalebreaker DLCs.

Elsweyr Zone ESOElsweyr

Elsweyr Coffers

During the Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event you will be able to earn "Elsweyr Coffers", these can include plenty of rewards such as:

Glorious Elsweyr Coffers

Completing a daily quest in either of the two zones will award you with a "Glorious Elsweyr Coffer", which contains a guaranteed Motif Chapter style page or a page for the new Ja'zennji Siir style.

Ja'zennji Siir Motif Style Page ESOJa'zennji Siir Motif Style

Double Rewards & Impresario

You will also gain double rewards like with most events. The Impresario will also be present offering goods against event tickets.

The Impresario will have the following items available:

Happy Hunting!

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