The Blackwood Chapter - Here is what you need to know!

The Blackwood Chapter - Here is what you need to know!
By Alcast at 31 Mar 2021 19:47
ZOS just announced all the new features that we get from the Blackwood Chapter via a live stream on Twitch on their channel, full stream can be found here.

The Blackwood Chapter is the Q2 release of the year long story #GatesOfOblivion.

Q1 Flames of Ambition(launched in March)Q2 Blackwood(June 1 for PC/Mac and Stadia* and June 8 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4)Q3 Unannounced DLC dungeon pack (date TBD)
Q4 Unannounced DLC story zone (date TBD)

Mehrunes Dagon looking weird at players ESOMehrunes Dagon

Console Enhanced

On June 8 you will be able to get the "Console Enhanced" version of ESO for free if you already own the game. This will enable the full update for the next gen consoles, showcasing the true power of the new Xbox Series X and PS5.

ESO Console Enhanced flyerConsole Enhanced Next Gen

Companions in the Blackwood Chapter

Companions will join you on your adventure, you can use them anywhere except PVP and Solo Arenas. You can always despawn Companions on a click if you don't need/want them. There are two different companions available at launch of the Blackwood Chapter. They are unlocked via quests in the Blackwood zone.

All companions have their own unique identities. The companions can like or dislike your actions. In the future, we will be updating our Companion Overview Page for everything related to companions.

Companion Showcase Blackwood Chapter ESOCompanion

Once you unlock a companion they start at level 1 and they can level up by gaining experience with you through quests or combat. You can also slot skills for the companion and change their looks (Costumes, Outfits & Mounts!).

Companion Skills

Companion Costume ESOCompanion Cosmetics

Oblivion Portals

Oblivion portals spawn randomly over all the zones. Unlike other world events where monster waves spawn, here you actually have to enter the portal and fight your way to victory!
Once in a portal you will fight monsters, champions and bosses. The Oblivion portals can be as big as public dungeons! The deeper you get, the more challenge awaits you!

Oblivion Portals ESO Blackwood ChapterOblivion Portal

Bossfight in Oblivion Portal Blackwood Chapter ESOBossfight Oblivion Portal

New Zone

Like always, Blackwood will come with a complete new zone and a huge storylline. The prologue can actually be already played, more info here.

Blackwood Chapter New Story ESOLyranth


You can find more information regarding all the updates in our other Gates of Oblivion Preview Article. Like always, and will be updated once we have more information available.

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