Everything new with ESO Blackwood - Preview Impressions

Everything new with ESO Blackwood - Preview Impressions
By Nara at 13 Apr 2021 08:11

The Blackwood Chapter for ESO will launch in June with the year long story #GatesOfOblivion. ESO-Hub.com and Alcasthq.com had the chance to preview the chapter on the pre-PTS Server, here is what we have learned during the sneak peek!

You can find all content related to the Blackwood Chapter on the ESO Blackwood Overview Page.

New Story in the Blackwood Chapter

You start on the outskirts of Leyawiin, the main city in Blackwood. There you are being asked whether you would like to make some extra gold working for Leyawiin‘s Ivory Brigade. They need help in handling a missing councilor, that was supposedly targeted by the Dark Brotherhood because of a secret of the Longhouse Emperors.

You are now supposed to find him, being sent on an epic quest to uncover the secret of the Longhouse Emperors. And we all know what happens next thanks to the ESO Preview Event.

New Zone Blackwood (Leyawiin City)

We will get an entire zone full of new content! Blackwood is supposed to be the size of Northern Elsweyr, which we got to play back in 2019. Visually, we will be able to go through three differently themed zones, with Leyawiin and Gideon as main hubs. You will get to experience the southern part of Cyrodiil, as well as parts of the Black Marsh. It will feature 6 new Overland bosses, as well as new delves, dailies and many new quests.

Leyawiin will be the capitol of this zone, quite bigger than what we are used from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, since it hasn‘t been flooded yet.

Leyawiin Gates Blackwood ESO. Characters marching inside the city of LeyawiinLeyawiin

A New Tutorial Experience

This time the tutorial is a bit different, we start out on the Isle of Balfiera, home of Clan Direnni. Like always we are being guided through the tutorial by a NPC that helps us showcase the most basic mechanics.

"The Gallery" at the end of the tutorial is new, here we can actually chose where we want to go, any of the old chapters, or any of the starter islands from the three alliances Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant.

Oblivion Portals

These will be a new player experience, with small Oblivion portals spawning throughout Blackmarsh. When you got rid of some Daedra accompanying those, you can enter these portals and will find yourself in an area that is much like a Public Dungeon.

Oblivion Portals, Blackwood ESO. Xivilai Champion fighting against Players inside an Oblivion Portal in ESOOblivion Portal


Endeavors are new daily and weekly based objectives, for which you will get rewarded upon completion. These rewards will be the Seals of Endeavors. With these seals you will be able to buy items from the Crown Crates, for example Radiant Apex Mounts!

We will create an in depth Endeavors guide once we know more about it on the Endeavors Guide Page.


The companions are an entirely new concept in ESO. You can get these by completing a quest line, where you get introduced to your companion and experience what drives them and why they want to accompany you. Here on ESO-Hub.com you will be able to find all the companion content on the Companion Overview Page. Alcasthq.com will also have Companion content with a focus on Companion Builds.

At the beginning you can get Mirri and Bastian, and each of them will be able to wear your costumes and use the mounts that you have collected so far. They have their own set of skills and can per se perform all roles. They even have their own Fighters and Mages Guild abilities, as well as Undaunted. Champion Points will not affect your companion. You also have the possibility to place your companions in your own home.

Bastian and Mirri Companion System ESO Blackwood ChapterBastian and Mirri Companions

New Trial Rockgrove

Rockgrove, the new trial in the south-east of the map, is the center of a plot centered around the Sul-Xan. They want to summon „Xalvakka“ and you have to stop them from doing so. You will find more info related to the Rockgrove Trial on the Rockgrove Overview Page.

Some of the rewards include new dyes, new titles, new body markings, new head markings and a new mount called the Sul-Xan Fleshripper which is awarded after completing all the challenges in the Rockgrove trial.

Rockgrove Trial fight scene against an argonian behemoth in ESORockgrove Trial

New Antiquities

There will be a lot of new antiquities as well as 5 new Mythic Items! Once we get the chance to get on the real PTS, we will add the new sets to the Sets Overview Page like we always do.

  • Death Dealer‘s Fete - The longer you are in combat, the more it increases your resources. If you are out of combat, you will lose those stacks of resources.
  • Gaze of Sithis - This adds a ton of Health and Health Recovery, additionally to a great amount of armor. It will reduce your Block Mitigation to 0, though.
  • Harpooner‘s Wading Kilt - This will continuously increase your Critical Chance and Critical Damage for every second you are in combat without taking direct damage.
  • Harvester‘s Hope-Ring - This ring will apply a stack of bonus material chance from harvesting. It does not apply to Crafting Surveys or holiday events.
  • Shapeshifter‘s Chain - This will reduce the cost of your Transformation Ultimate abilites. Additionally, it increases your maximum resources.

New House

Pantherfang Chapel is a Notable Home with everything you‘d want in a castle of your own. It has two main buildings, one of them the chapel it has it‘s name from and a fort. You can reach it by boat and arrive at your very own dock.

New Housing Items

The Blackwood chapter will feature lots of Daedric and Argonian themed housing items.

Daedric Fight in Blackwood Chapter ESODaedric Threat

New Sets in the Blackwood Chapter

Like always, there will be plenty of new sets. Once we have access to the real PTS, we will add all of the new sets to the Sets Overview Page.

The full data of the sets below will be revealed once we get to the real PTS.

Trial Sets (Both Imperfect and Perfect exist):

  • Stone-Talker (Light) - Adds Magicka Recovery. Gain Minor Aegis at all times. Adds Maximum Magicka. Your fully-charged Heavy Attacks place a soul bomb on your target that charges as the target takes damage. After a few seconds the bomb explodes, restoring a small amount of the damage receives as Stamina and Magicka to 12 group members within a large range of the explosion.
  • Bahsei's Mania (Light) - Adds Spell Damage. Gain Minor Slayer at all times. Adds Spell Critical. Increases your damage done to non-player enemies by up to X% based on your missing Magicka.
  • Sul-Xan‘s Torment (Medium) - Adds Weapon Damage. Gain Minor Slayer at all times. Adds Weapon Critical. When an enemy you recently damaged dies, they leave behind a vengeful soul for a few seconds. You can only create one vengeful soul at a time. Touching the soul increases your Weapon Critical greatly and your Critical Damage for a long period of time.
  • Saxhleel Champion (Heavy) - Adds Maximum Magicka. Gain Minor Aegis all the times. Adds Maximum Stamina. When you cast an Ultimate ability, you and up to 11 group members within a large area of you gain Major Force for a long time, increasing your Critical Damage done by a large amount.


  • Frostbite (Light) - Adds Spell Damage, Spell Critical and increases your damage done with Frost abilities. It increases your damage done against Chilled enemies, as well as against enemies afflicted with Minor Brittle.
  • Deadlands Assassin (Medium) - Adds Weapon Damage and Maximum Stamina. Deals damage to an enemy within 10 meters of you with a Heavy Attack that causes you to throw a cone of knives, dealing Physical Damage to enemies hit.
  • Bog Raider (Heavy) - Adds Maximum resources. When an enemy you have recently damaged dies, you gain Ultimate and increase your Health Recovery.

IC (Monster Set):

  • Glorgoloch the Destroyer‘s Guise - Adds Health and increases your Armor per second in combat, plus your Critical Resistance. If you move or leave combat, it will remove the stacks.
  • Immolator Charr‘s Guise - Adds Armor and Health. While below 50% Health you will gain immunity to immobilization, snares and crowd control effects.
  • Zoal the Ever-Wakeful‘s Guise - Adds Stamina and when you Break Free, you will release a wave of Watcher energy, causing enemies in close range to become feared. You will also gain Weapon and Spell Damage for each enemy hit, up to 6 enemies.


  • Hist Whisperer - Adds resource regeneration and restores resources upon Light and Medium Attacks. Dealing damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack will double the amount of resources gained. (Requires 3 traits)
  • Diamond‘s Victory - Adds Weapon and Spell Damage, as well as Critical Chance. Dealing direct melee damage grants you Range Supremacy, adding even more Weapon and Spell Damage to your damage over time and ranged attacks for a specific amount of time. (Requires 5 traits)
  • Heartland Conqueror‘s Robe - Adds Weapon and Spell Damage, as well as Maximum Magicka and Stamina. Increases the effectiveness of your Weapon Traits. This does not effect Ornate or Intricate traits. (Requires 7 traits)

Champion Point Changes

There will also be plenty of Champion Point changes in the Blackwood Chapter. The overall number of needed Champion Points to max out your efficiency will be lowered, that means some of the perks will have less power than before. We will update the Champion Points Calculator and the whole Champion Points section accordingly. The builds on Alcasthq.com will also be adjusted once we get closer to the launch of the ESO Blackwood Chapter.

Veyond Combat Ruins Blackwood Chapter ESOAyleid Delve

Proc Set Scaling Changes

ZOS announced in a combat preview post that they will also change how proc sets work. In the future proc sets will scale with the player stats. Therefore you won't be able to get as much "free damage" anymore as previously, that should avoid proc tank builds to a certain extent.

ZOS: "Damage sets will scale with Spell or Weapon damage, whichever is higher. Healing sets will scale with Maximum Magicka or Stamina, whichever is higher. Other sets that fall outside of that functionality will likely scale with Max Health, as well as a handful of other unique ways."

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