ESO Enhanced Next Gen Upgrade - PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Enhanced Next Gen Upgrade - PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - Elder Scrolls Online
By Alcast at 11 Jun 2021 10:23

ESO Console Enhanced Upgrade

The ESO Console Enhanced upgrade is set to launch on June 15th, one week after the launch of the Blackwood Chapter for the the Playstation and Xbox consoles. The Elder Scrolls Online Console Enhanced upgrade brings next gen fidelity and performance to all ESO players that own a PS5 or a Xbox Series X/S. The upgrade is free if you already own the ESO base game or any of the DLCs .

ESO Enhanced launches on:
  • Playstation 5, June 15th
  • Xbox Series X and S, June 15th

What benefits does the ESO Console Enhanced version have?

The ESO Enhanced upgrade does allow for ESO to run natively on the next gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X/S). The extra power of the next gen consoles will drastically improve the game's visual fidelity and performance. The most important feature to remember is that loading times are basically cut in half on the next gen consoles!

ESO Enhanced Features:
  • 60 FPS
  • Increased Draw Distance
  • Unlocked Textures
  • Updated Antialiasing
  • Improved Reflections
  • Improved Ambient Occlusion with Screen Space Global Illumination
  • Improved Shadows
  • Improved Depth of Field
  • Improved Loading Times

60 FPS

With the next gen consoles and the ESO Console Enhanced upgrade you can finally experience ESO with 60 FPS. This is a huge improvement to the prior 30 FPS on the old consoles. We also know that the old consoles sometimes struggled to even get above 20 FPS in performance demanding situations. Now you can play at a stable 60 FPS while the ESO "Performance Mode" is active.

  • Performance Mode 60 FPS, 1440p resolution
  • Fidelity Mode 30 FPS, 4K native resolution

Increased Draw Distance

The Draw Distance of ESO has almost been doubled for the next gen consoles. This increases the overall distance that you can see which will make the game even more beautiful. And in certain situations such as Cyrodiil PVP also give you an extra edge over your opponents.

Unlocked Textures

The next gen consoles and the ESO Enhanced upgrade do offer high resolution textures, this will make the game look even better on bigger screens.

Updated Antialiasing

The next gen consoles also do benefit from improved Antialiasing which smooths out edges of foliage, grass and structures while also increasing the sharpness of the things close up.

Improved Reflections

The reflections in ESO play a big part for immersion of the world. With the next gen consoles and the ESO Enhanced Upgrade you will get better visuals with the improved reflections. Make sure to look at the water next time you start up your PS5 or XBOX Series X/S when the upgrade is here!

Leyawiin City Blackwood Chapter ESO Console Enhanced upgradeLeyawiin

Improved Ambient Occlusion with Screen Space Global Illumination

The new SSGI (Screen Space Global Illumination) ambient occlusion allows for more realistic and natural indirect lighting and also boosts the detail of the shadows.

Improved Shadows

The shadow resolution has been doubled for the ESO Console Enhanced upgrade and equals the "Ultra" setting on PC. Shadows area also an important part of the immersion and help ESO to distant itself from other MMOs, which come nowhere close to the same detail.

Improved Depth of Field

With the next gen consoles you can experience circular depth of field which is the highest possible setting, creating smoother and more realistic background views, especially while interacting with NPCs.

Improved Loading Times

However, the most important improvement for the ESO Console Enhanced upgrade is the faster loading times. Loading times have been a chore for a while on the older consoles. With the ESO Enhanced upgrade load times will be a lot faster thanks to the SSDs in the PS5 and XBOX Series X.

Console Enhanced Showcase

Check out the video below to see the differences between the old and new consoles.

For more information on the new Blackwood Chapter please visit our Blackwood Overview Page.

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