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Best Way to Farm Transmutation Crystals?

Many players ask the question what is the best way to farm Transmute Crystals? In this guide we are going to show how you can be efficient in farming Transmute Crystals. The limit of Transmute Crystals is 1000 (500 for Non-ESO Plus members). However, you can also stack as many Transmutation Geodes in your inventory as you want, basically giving you a supply of unlimited Transmutation Crystals when you need them.

Where can I get Transmute Crystals/Geodes?

You can get Transmute Crystals/Geodes from various activities, looking at the list below.

Guarenteed Drops Transmute CrystalsCrystal Amount
Alliiance War 30 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)50
Alliance War Top 10% Leaderboard50
Ailliance War 7 Day Campaign Rewards (Tier 1)10
Alliance War Top 10% Leaderboard10
Arena Leaderboard5
Trial Leaderboard5
Battleground Leaderboard?
Random Daily Activity Finder (Once per day)10
Rewards of the Worthy (Once per day)4 - 25
Trial Weekly Quests5
Undaunted Pledges Normal1-3-5
Undaunted Pledges Veteran2
Undaunted Pledges Veteran Hardmode4
Veteran Dragonstar Arena5
Veteran Maelstrom Arena4
Veteran Blackrose Prison Arena5

Play the Game

By playing the various activities of the game you already get plenty of Geodes that you can stack in your inventory. Doing daily Undaunted Pledges, Weeklies, Arenas or PvP activities you can already get a lot of Transmutation Geodes.

The Best Way to Farm Transmute Geodes!

There is a preferred way to farm Transmute Geodes, it is called the Cyrodiil 30 Day Campaign Rewards farm method! This method works better with several characters. Every 30 days you can basically get 50 Transmute Crystals per character with this method. Preparation is key here, especially if you have several characters.

With 15 characters I can potentially get 750 Transmute Crystals every 30 days.

15 x 50 = 750

You see in the list above that you get 50 Transmute Crystals at the end of the 30 Day Cyrodiil Campaign. You need to make sure to get to "End of Campaign Reward Tier 1" on your home campaign to get the50 Transmute Crystals. Tier 1 means you have to obtain 25k Alliance Points in your home campaign, which is not a lot!

What do you need:

  • 30 Day Campaign (Home)
  • Tier 1 End of Campaign Reward (25k Alliance Points)
  • Level 10+ Character

Here you can see a a mail that came after the 30 Day Cyrodiil Campaign ended, awarding us with the Legendary Transmutation Geode which holds 50 Transmutation Crystals! We can store this Geode on any character, preferably a bank character.

Legendary Transmutation Geode Transmute System Guide ESOLegendary Transmutation Geode

You can do this on as many characters as you want. This is the best way to farm Transmute Crystals, taking a few keeps or joining a group should get you to 25k Alliance Points very fast. You can also check out a video that was created a while ago going a bit more in depth into the method, if you prefer to watch a video about this subject.


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