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Saint Pelin Patron Deck Tips & Tricks for Tales of Tribute ESO


Today we are taking a look at how to play with the Saint Pelin Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute card game in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The Saint Pelin deck generally focuses on the resource Power, it also has strong Agents. It also has one of the most powerful cards in the game, The Armory.

Below you can find the full list of Saint Pelin cards currently available. If you don't know about type of cards please visit the Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide, which explains this in detail.

Agent cards:

Contract Agent cards:

Action cards:

Upgradable cards:

Power and Early Game Combos

The Saint Pelin Patron Deck is a very offensive deck with lots of cards that give you power, which you then can turn into prestige at the end of your turn, which is needed to win the game. The deck shines with strong early game cards and good agents that you can use to suppress your enemy with. 

Early Game Combo CardsThe real power comes from combos and early cards. Let me show you an example of cards that don't cost a lot of coin and therefore can be obtained early game. 

Of course if possible always snag The Armory first because it is the most overpowered card and doesn't even require a combo to get all the stats. Early game Combo: Try getting as many of these low cost cards as possible. Because then you can pull off combos early game. For example if you have [The Armory], The Portcullis and Reinforcements that alone will already give you 10 Power and 4 Coins. Rinse and repeat. You can get all these cards within 2 turns if you are lucky. Now you pretty much already won the game, of course sometimes it might take a bit longer to get these cards because there might be others in the middle. And you also need to be lucky enough to get combos off.

Saint Pelin Agents

Now lets take a closer look at the agents of the Saint Pelin Patron Deck. The base cards are Bangkorai Sentries, Banneret and the [Shield Bearer]. The Shield Bearer is a contract agent though. The first two cards can be upgraded. 

If you have upgraded cards you will still have the base cards in the game. That means instead of 4x Banneret, you will have 2x Banneret and 2x Knight Commander in the deck when you play. The [Shield Bearer] is a great contract agent, sometimes you might have Coins leftover and you could buy him, this will place the contract agent immediately on the table. If all of his health is depleted, he will disappear forever. The opponent has to spend 5 Power to drop his health to 0, basically preventing the opponent from getting more Prestige via Power.

The other cards are all normal agents, if you purchase them they will first land on your cooldown pile and you have to draw them to active them on the table. However, once they are on the table the enemy has to spend Power again to drop their health. This is important because it prevents the enemy from spending Power on other things. All of them have the Taunt function, which means the opponent must attack this card.

The great thing about agents is also if they are active on the table they count towards combos. That means if you have two agents on the table you only need to draw one extra card to pull off a tripple combo. Therefore opponents often try to eliminate the agents as fast as possible. Active agents also provide you with bonuses like extra Coins or Power that you can pick up in addition to the usual 5 cards.

The Saint Pelin agents are fairly expensive around 7 to 9 Coins, therefore they often show up in the late stage of a game because nobody can afford them in early game.

Using the Saint Pelin Patron to your advantage

Often players forget how strong the Patrons are. The Saint Pelin Patron allows you to return up to 1 agent card from your cooldown pile to the top of your play deck. All you have to do is spend 2 Power. This can be a very powerful strategy, the enemy just spent 5 Power to knock out Banneret and you spend 2 Power to place the agent right back at the top of your draw pile, which means he will show up again in the next turn and the enemy has to spend Power to drop his health. Not only that, but you also again gain the benefits of the active agent as long as he is active.

Therefore, don't shy away of spending the2 Power on the Saint Pelin Patron function. 

Should you get rid of the Fortify card?

When you start a match you will always have the Fortify card in your Draw or Hand. Now what's exactly the problem with this card? Good cards often cost 5 points or more and when you start with four Gold cards and the Fortify card, you will miss out on the juicy stuff. Because you will only have 4 Coins and 1 Power. Instead of the needed 5 Coins to purchase the good cards. The Trick: If you get the Fortify card in your hand, spend all the cards and then use the Treasury in the middle to swap the Fortify card with a Writ of Coin card. The Writ of Coin cards give you 2 Coins instead of just 1. Now you will always get 5 or 6 Coins in any turn at the beginning of the match. While the other player might be stuck with just 4 Coins and 1 Power, basically giving him no chance to collect the higher level cards. The situation in the image below showcases the issue perfectly. I received 4 Coins and 1 Power because I had 4 Gold cards and 1 Fortify card, locking me out of the juicy cards that are crossed out on the left side. Now I sacrifice my Fortify card and turn it into a Writ of Coin. Going forward I will always have 5 or 6 Coins available to get better cards. 

Of course sometimes there are also decent cards that cost around 3-4 Coins (Archers' Volley, Reinforcements, Siege Weapon Volley), then it might be better to snag those instead of doing this trick. However, in most cases from my own experience I use this tactic very often if the Saint Pelin Patron Deck is present.

We hope you enjoyed this guide about the Saint Pelin Patron Deck in the Tales of Tribute Card Game for ESO. Please visit our Tales of Tribute Overview page i you want to take a look at all the Patrons and Cards.



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