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How to unlock the Rajhin, the Purring Liar Patron Deck - Tales of Tribute ESO


To obtain the Deck of Rajhin, the Purring Liar Patron Deck for the Tales of Tribute cardgame in ESO you have to unlock the Achievement Flower of Chivalry. For this achievement, you have to do several quests and even defeat different group bosses. In the following guide we would like to show you where the respective quest givers and world bosses are located. We have tried to keep the quest descriptions as short as possible and thus spoiler-free and only show you where each quest begins.Flower of Chivalry Achievement

Complete the quest Tournament of the Heart

The quest "Tournament of the Heart" can be found at Castle Navire in the southwest of High Isle. Directly at the wayshrine at the castle you can find Lord Remard DeFulley, who tells you that the knight commander has offered her daughter Aurelia as a marriage prize at the Sapphire Tourney. Isobel, a friend of Aurelia, wants to help her and now asks for your help to win the Sapphire Tourney. To start the quest, you can either talk to LordRemard DeFulley or directly to Isobel. 

After completing the quest, you will also receive Isobel as a companion.
Castle Navire -"Tournament of the Heart" quest pickup location - Quest givers Remard and Isobel

Complete the quest Race for Honor

The quest "Race for Honor" asks you to pass various trials in Garick's Restand win Lady Garick's Sacred Shield. You can find the quest at the entrance to Garick's Rest in the north of High Isle, talk to the ghost Cynric Ginise, who asks you to free him from his chains.
Garick's Rest - "Race for Honor" quest pickup location - Quest giver Cynric Ginise

Complete the quest The All Flags Curse

If you are a long-term ESO player, you probably have the quest giver of "The All Flags Curse" before: Once again, Stibbons and Lady Laurent need your help! This quest has you help Stibbons break the curse of All Flags Islet, the little island in the center of High Isle. 
You can meet Stibbons either at the boat that brings you to All Flags Islet, this is just north of Steadfast Manor, or you can travel to All Flags Isle and meet him there. 
All Flags Islet - "The All Flags Curse" quest pickup locations - Quest giver Stibbons

Complete the quest An Experiment with Peace 

The quest "An Experiment with Peace" has you uncover the source of a strange affliction at Steadfast Manor. You can find Steadfast Manor to the north-west of Gonfalon Bay on High Isle. Look out for the quest givers Mender Senna or Armin Demalle, you can get the quest from either of them. Helping out the people.
Steadfast Manor - "An Experiment with Peace" quest pickup location - Quest givers Armin Demalle and Mender Senna

Complete the quest Blood, Books, and Steel

For "Blood, Books, and Steel", talk to Squire Rayan next to the entrance (or rather the boat that brings you to it) of the Spire of the Crimson Coin in the east of High Isle. He fears for his Knight, Dame Madach, and wants you to accompany him inside the Spire of the Crimson coin. The Spire of the Crimson Coin is one of the two public dungeons in High Isle, so you can grab a skyshard and also a skill point for defeating a group boss inside there while you are doing Squire Rayan's quest. 
Spire of the Crimson Coin - "Blood, Books, and Steel" quest pickup location - Quest giver Squire Rayan

Complete the quest In Secret and Shadow

In the quest "In Secret and Shadow" you have to explore Death's Valor Keep, a delve in the northwest of High Isle. You can pick up the quest from Hannah Izard at the crossroads just southeast of Death's Valor Keep, or from Sir Nathan Galien who's located directly at the entrance of the delve. 
Death's Valor Keep - "In Secret and Shadow" quest pickup location - quest givers Hannah Izard and Nathan Galien

Defeat the Sable Knight

The Sable Knight is a group boss (world boss) in High Isle. You can find him at Y'ffre's Cauldron, north-west of Gonfalon Bay. He's difficult to defeat if you are on your own, it's best to join other players to fight him. Defeating him brings you another step closer to the Flower of Chivalry achievement and unlicking the card deck of Rajhin, the Purring Liar.
Y'ffres Cauldron - The Sable Knight

Defeat the Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower

The Ascendant Executioner and the Ascendant Harrower are a duo group-boss (world boss) on High Isle. You can find them at Dark Stone Hollow in the west of High Isle. They too are tough enemies, defeating them is certainly easier in a group with other players.
Dark Stone Hollow - Ascendant Executioner and Ascendant Harrower

Complete the quest A Final Peace

"A Final Peace" is a repeatable daily delve-quest in the High Isle and Amenos zone. You can pick it up from the NPC Wayllod, the Daily Job Broker, in Gonfalon Bay. He offers a pool of six different quests, so "A Final Peace" might not be the one he offers you an a given day, and you can only pick up one quest from him per day. If he gives you a quest that you don't want to do, you can ask other players if they can share the "A Final Peace"-quest with you. 
After picking up the quest from Wayllod in Gonfalon Bay, you can optionally talk to Sir Charles Haalm in the Temple of the Winds in the east of the town or go directly to Death's Valor Keep, a delve in the North-West of High Isle.

Inside Death's Valor Keep you have to gather three Knight Skulls. The first one is at the ground floor of the keep, the two last ones are in the Death's Valor Keep Catacombs, the lower floor. Just follow the quest markers to find them. Return to Wayllod in Gonfalon Bay afterwards.
Quest pickup location for "A Final Peace" and Death's Valor Keep

Now you should finally have got the Flower of Chivalry achievement in ESO, which gives you the "Knight Errant" title for your characters and also unlocks Rajhin, the Purring Liar as a patron in Tales of Tribute in ESO. If you want to see the cards this deck contains, check out our overview page for the deck.

Achievements related to this guide

Name Description
Flower of Chivalry icon

Flower of Chivalry

Perform acts of chivalry across High Isle.



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