What is the Numidium?
Today on Written in Uncertainty were looking at one of those things where sufficiently advanced magic becomes indistinguishable from technology, where a god was made and then made a tool of conquest, and breaks the world whenever its switched on. Today were asking, what is the Numidium?Blog post: ht... Read more
2 Aug 2021 17:59

What is the Uutak Mythos?
Today Written in Uncertainty leaves Tamriel and heads east. No, not to Akavir. To the islands of Ynslea, and its bat-elf people, the Echmer. We sit down with Uutak Mythos creator At-Hatoor/IceFireWarden to discuss elves, bats, souls, perspectives, colonialism and a bunch of other stuff in the contex... Read more
5 Jul 2021 20:18

What is the Psijic Order?
Today Written in Uncertainty looks at the oldest order of organised mages on Tamriel, who are often claimed to be the greatest spellcasters on Nirn, even though they might not even use magicka for what they do. Today were asking, what is the Psijic Order?Blog post: https://writteninuncertainty.com/p... Read more
24 May 2021 17:27

What are the Reachmen?
Today were discussing a people that have been vilified by virtually everyone they meet, for their part are incredibly distrustful of outsiders, have never built permanent settlements of their own, and yet at one point rose to rule Tamriel. Today were asking, who are the Reachmen?Blog post: https://w... Read more
19 Apr 2021 17:27

What is the Wilderking?
Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re looking at a being and a god who is a fusion of people and place, the embodiment of a bond that defines a culture. Today we’re asking, what is the Wilderking?
Blog post: https://writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/wilderking
Send me an email: writteninunce... Read more
25 Mar 2021 18:12

What is Altmer Religion About?
Today we’re looking into what is supposedly the oldest culture on Tamriel, which stretches back to the Merethic Era, and indeed celebrates that Era as one of the highest ideals in creation. Today we’re asking, what is Altmeri religion all about?
Blog post: https://writteninuncertainty.com/podcas... Read more
9 Mar 2021 17:51

Februrary 2021 update
Just a quick note about a change in schedule for the podcast. Thanks to having less time because of both COVID and life, things are moving to a "when they're ready" release schedule. The Patreon has shifted to per episode monetisation. I've changed the amounts patrons pay as a result. If you are a p... Read more
18 Feb 2021 18:44

Who is Mannimarco?
Written in Uncertainty looks at one of the most consistent, and possibly most evil, characters in Tamriel. Someone who has been around for millennia, and learned the lessons that a dragon break could teach. Today we’re asking, who is Mannimarco?

Check out the transcript on the show website: https... Read more
2 Feb 2021 21:18

What is Oblivion?
Today Written in Uncertainty casts off from Tamriel and goes adrift in strange seas. Or maybe steps sideways into another world altogether? Or maybe just going for a jaunt in the night sky? This episode we’re asking, what is Oblivion?
Some links mentioned in the episode:
On Countable Infinities: h... Read more
18 Jan 2021 18:26

What are the Bosmer?
This episode of Written in Uncertainty looks at a culture that is at once one of the most and least defined on Tamriel, a play on an old fantasy stereotype that has taken on a life of its own in the Elder Scrolls, and tells a multitude of reality-altering stories. This week we're asking, what are th... Read more
30 Nov 2020 18:18

What is Magic?
In this episode, Written in Uncertainty looks at one of the fundamental forces of Tamriel, that is pat of the very character of Mundus itself, although it may have been some happy accident. Today we’re asking, what is magic on Tamriel, and how does it work?
Check out the transcript on the show... Read more
2 Nov 2020 18:00

Who are the Direnni?
This week on Written in Uncertainty we’re discussing one of the most influential clans of Altmer in Tamriel’s history, who have shaped magic as we know it, and created one of the races of Tamriel as part of the process. Today we’re asking, who were the Direnni?

Check out the transcript on... Read more
26 Oct 2020 18:00

Interview with ESO Loremaster Leamon Tuttle
Written in Uncertainty recently had the pleasure of having an interview with ESO Loremaster Leamon Tuttle, and we chatted about the lore in ESO, the character of Sotha Sil and the Tribunal, how Antiquities was developed, the joy of Nietzsche and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thanks to Leamon for his... Read more
12 Oct 2020 17:36

Are Bretons Boring?
This week on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing a question that has vexed Elder Scrolls lore fans for many years, been the subject of reams of text on forums, including one of the most long-lived fan projects in the series history. Today we’re asking, why are the Bretons boring?
Check out ... Read more
1 Sep 2020 11:42

What are the Moons in the Elder Scrolls?
Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re taking a look up into the skies of Tamriel, examining celestial bodies that everyone knows are there, but can’t really agree on. Are they dead? Are they funeral lanterns? Are there more of them? Today we’re asking, what are the moons in The Elder Scrolls?
... Read more
10 Aug 2020 17:16

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