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Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 31 | KelsieDee
In the first episode back from a tiny break, Hosts Noble and HyperPixie sit down KelsieDee to discuss all things Blackwood, next gen consoles and so much more! Be sure to check out Kelsie in the links below. She'll be here awhile ;) Read more
13 Apr 2021 08:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 30 | UpdateCast
In this VERY short episode Noble discusses the immediate future of the Podcast. Read more
30 Mar 2021 20:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 29 | Biggest Takeaways from Flames of Ambition
BACK AT IT AGAIN!!!! Today we discuss our biggest takeways from the update 29 Flames of Ambition DLC launch! Lots of great changes this patch, and NEW CROWN CRATES! Although there still are some things that need addressed later this year! Read more
17 Mar 2021 18:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 28 | Lotus of Ambition? Flames of Ambition LAUNCH
Flames of Ambition is HERE! And we have LotusOfDoom here to break down all the changes that came with this massive update! A lot of good stuff going on in the world of ESO right now! Read more
10 Mar 2021 18:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 27 | Tribunal Lore & Flames of Ambition HYPE
Back at it again with another episode of STP! Today we talk about the current event happening in ESO as well as getting HYPED for the next DLC "Flames of Ambition" Read more
4 Mar 2021 19:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 26 | Lore Diving with Aramithius!
Today on Scroll Talk we had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the most knowledgable lore masters of ESO Aramithius! We talk about the lore surrounding the blackwood DLC, as well as other races like the Dark & High Elves! There's so much more we talk about you'll have to listen to see what tha... Read more
17 Feb 2021 21:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 25 | NEW Champion Point System talk & New Sets coming soon!
in today's episode of STP we talk more about the new Champion Point system and how it will effect endgame content, as well as talk about the new sets dropping from the new dungeons we get in Flames of Ambition! Read more
2 Feb 2021 23:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 24 | DADDY DAGON, Blackwood Chapter w/ Marcus Axford
In this episode of STP we talk ALL THINGS Gates of Oblivion! We have so much to unpack here with the new champion point system, companion system and other quality of life improvements! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Marcus Axford from Legends Rise Podast! Be sure to check out that podcast ... Read more
27 Jan 2021 19:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 23 | We're Back! Reveal Stream pushed back & more!
We're back from our holiday break and boy do we have some stuff to talk about in our forst episode back!! Gates of Oblivion reveal moved to NEXT WEEK?! Why you ask? Well it's because America is happening.... Read more
19 Jan 2021 23:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 22 | KristoferESO
In this episode we had the chance to sit down with KristoferESO to talk about the current state of PVP. As well as the New life festival and some Gates of Oblivion Talk! Read more
22 Dec 2020 19:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 21| Adam from BrahWeGotThis, Gates of Oblivion!!
In today's episode we sit down with Adam from "Brah We Got This" an ESO Youtuber & Streamer! We cover the latest reveal for next years content "Gates of Oblivion" as well discuss ways that ZOS could add more Earnable Mounts and such in game! You can find Adam in the links below! Read more
14 Dec 2020 15:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 20 | VikingTrash isn't actually trash!
Yes yes we know we've been gone for 2 weeks! But we're back with a month full of guests! Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Stream team member VikingTrash! We talk about all things eso, and get to know a more personal side of Viking. Let us know what you think on twitter! Read more
7 Dec 2020 12:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 19 | Bugs & Burnout?
In today's episode of Noble & Goodstash talk about burnout in ESO and how you can AVOID IT! As well as some game breaking bugs for PVE that have yet to be addressed by ZOS. A bit shorter of an episode today, but it's one of our favorites!ESO HUB! Read more
16 Nov 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 18 | Noble gets EXPOSED by Stash & Life after Markarth?
Noble was totally exposed for the ESO noob he is today! A wonderful episode to be sure! You'll want to listen for the sole purpose of noble just being a young ESO noob lol! Read more
10 Nov 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 17 | Markarth is HERE! Pvp Changes & Much NEEDED Class Nerfs
YES! Markarth is here to round up the year of "The Dark Of Skyrim" Theme that's been going on in ESO! We bring you all the juicy info regarding this update, including class changes, the state of pvp & much much more! Read more
3 Nov 2020 09:00

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