Elder Scrolls Lorecast

185: The Secret Story of Queen Barenziah & Her 24 Stones
Did you ever wonder what the deal was with those 24 Barenziah stones? Who was Queen Barenziah? What was here REAL story? And what does it have to do with Skyrim, Talos, and the fate of Tamriel?Patreon - Join the Patreon! Get cool stuff and access the first 90 episodes of the show all with no ads! ht... Read more
23 Apr 2022 11:30

HallowJack, Lord of Mortal Fears
Who is HollowJack and why is it so freaking scary? Read more
17 Oct 2020 11:00

Dragon Priests & The Dragon Cult
We take you back to a time of dragon worship and discuss the Dragon Priests and Dragon cults. Read more
10 Oct 2020 11:00

Favorite NPC's Monthly Patron Chat
This month we discuss our favorite NPCs from all of the Elder Scrolls games. Read more
3 Oct 2020 11:00

What you didn't know about Reachmen
Did you know about the Reachmen's control of the Empire and the events leading to the beginning of Elder Scrolls Online? What about the Keptu? We've got the info here. Read more
26 Sep 2020 11:00

The Reachmen & History of the Reach
Who are the Reachmen? What is their culture like and why do they always seem to be a thorn in the side of the empire and the nords? Read more
19 Sep 2020 11:00

Ebonarm & Real World Myth vs Game Lore
How should we treat game lore vs real-world myths plus a discussion about Ebonarm, God of War??? Read more
12 Sep 2020 11:00

Mods & Add-ons Patron Chat
Our Patrons join us to talk about their favorite mods and add-ons for Elder Scrolls games... and of course, wackiness ensues. Read more
5 Sep 2020 11:00

(Game) The Scraps - The Side-Stories of Greymoor
What's Nuramo doing here? Read more
1 Sep 2020 19:51

The Wacky Lore of TES 1: Arena w/ Lotus of Doom
Let's go back to the origins of the series and see how much of the lore actually makes sense today. Read more
28 Aug 2020 13:50

(Game) The Mountain Bellows - Side Stories of Greymoor
We must stop a mountain from exploding! Huzzah! Read more
25 Aug 2020 15:11

Dremora & Personhood
What is it like to be a "person" from Oblivion? Are Dremora people like the other races? Read more
22 Aug 2020 11:00

(Game) Of Ice and Death - The Side Stories of Greymoor
Redguards, stuck on a boat, in the snow... what does it mean!? Read more
19 Aug 2020 14:20

The Celestials & Constellations
Who are the Celestials? How do constellations work? Read more
15 Aug 2020 11:00

(GAME) Digging Up Trouble - The Side-Stories of Greymoor
While exploring Blackreach we discover a letter, which leads into a mystery involving some Ghost Hunters and the deaths of many Miners. Read more
14 Aug 2020 00:12

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