PC/Mac Patch Notes

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.1.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.8 has some improvements to an issue with pets attacking innocents, in addition to fixes for some game crashes and an issue specific to Stadia. Read more
5 Oct 2020 00:13

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.1.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.7 fixes a number of combat-related issues, including mount stamina draining too quickly, movement-position abilities becoming locked out, the inability to progress the Vampire skill line while feeding, and more. Read more
21 Sep 2020 02:08

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.1.6
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.6 includes some updates to the Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct that you’ll need to accept upon first logging in, with an overview of what’s changed called out below. Read more
8 Sep 2020 01:56

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.1.5 - Stonethorn & Update 27
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.1.5, introducing the Stonethorn DLC Game Pack and Update 27! Read more
23 Aug 2020 23:17

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.0.9
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.9 contains a fix for the Thrassian Stranglers item set, an issue affecting patch download sizes, a number of Stadia bug fixes, and more. Read more
13 Jul 2020 02:35

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.0.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.8 includes several fixes for Antiquities – including some Leads not dropping properly – the addition of new Wayshrines in Western Skyrim, some adjustments for Harrowstorms, a fix for a framerate stutter that could occur when updating skill experience or rank, and more. Read more
29 Jun 2020 02:35

PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.0.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.7 is a patch to prep for tomorrow’s launch on Stadia, and doesn’t include any public-facing fixes. Read more
15 Jun 2020 02:06

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.8 has some fixes for the Undo and Burning Embers abilities, the Stone Keeper fight in Frostvault, a game crash, and a couple other smaller bug fixes. Read more
30 Mar 2020 02:01

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.7 includes a fix for the ability Incapacitating Strike, a common game crash, and a fix affecting addons. Read more
23 Mar 2020 11:44

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.6
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.6 includes some adjustments to help with the recent input delays and desyncs while in combat, in addition to a fix where breaking free could become delayed, spamming block disconnecting you to the login screen, several crash fixes, and more. Read more
16 Mar 2020 02:08

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.5
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.5 includes several crash fixes that should eliminate some of the recent crashes found in Cyrodiil and PvE areas. Read more
2 Mar 2020 03:02

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.3.4 - Harrowstorm & Update 25
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v5.3.4 and the start of the Dark Heart of Skyrim with the Harrowstorm DLC game pack! Read more
20 Feb 2020 20:34

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.13
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.13 includes updates to the Privacy Policy, which you will need to re-accept upon logging in, updated copyright dates for 2020, and a couple game fixes which are detailed below. Read more
27 Jan 2020 04:14

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.12
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.12 includes fixes for some memory leaks and game crashes, in addition to a fix for large groups being able to join Battlegrounds, some fixes for the Werewolf questline, and more. Read more
16 Jan 2020 05:28

PC/Mac Patch Notes v5.2.11
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.11 is our final scheduled incremental for this year and includes a fix for characters getting stuck in Keeps, some additional fixes and adjustments for Battlegrounds, a fix for the Moongrave Fane Motif drop rate, and more. Read more
9 Dec 2019 03:33

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