PC/Mac Patch Notes

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.3.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.3.8 is a small incremental patch that contains two crash fixes, a fix for Bosmer female character animations, and adds a piece of previously missing art for a furnishing. Read more
25 Apr 2022 02:05

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.3.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.3.7 fixes the issue where your camera would occasionally get forced into first person view, along with a fix for a quest in the Deadlands and an issue involving Crafting Writs. Read more
11 Apr 2022 02:32

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.3.6
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.3.6 fixes the issue where completed map POIs would sometimes appear incomplete, some issues with the Night’s Silence and Turning Tide item sets, a fix for a crash when starting up the game, and more. Read more
28 Mar 2022 10:14

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.3.5 - Ascending Tide DLC & Update 33
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v7.3.5 and the beginning of the Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure! Read more
13 Mar 2022 23:07

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.10
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.2.10 contains a fix for the Will of Stone and Soul Savior Rockgrove achievements which were not being properly awarded, fixes for a few game crashes, and more. Read more
14 Feb 2022 03:19

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.9
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.2.9 contains several graphical-related fixes, a fix for a game crash involving mounts, some housing fixes, and more. Read more
26 Jan 2022 22:05

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.2.8 updates the ZeniMax Media Terms of Service, effective on December 13, 2021. Read more
13 Dec 2021 04:12

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.2.7 includes some fixes for one of the bosses in Asylum Sanctorum trial, additional fixes for the Armory system and curated set drops, a fix for Mist Form not consistently working and Minor/Major Evasion being removed, a few game crashes, and more. Read more
6 Dec 2021 03:00

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.6
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.2.6 fixes numerous issues across the game since Update 32 launched including your character getting stuck in combat in the Deadlands zone, a few unobtainable Antiquity leads and issues with curated item sets, the error involving a missing SensaApi.dll file, and more. Read more
15 Nov 2021 03:08

PC/Mac & Stadia Hotfix, November 4 – Excessive Champion Points
Hi everyone, When Update 32 launched earlier this week on PC, a bug was introduced that allowed some players to allocate upwards of 65k Champion Points after performing certain actions. Read more
3 Nov 2021 19:00

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.2.5 (Deadlands & Update 32)
The Gates of Oblivion story reaches its climactic finale in The Deadlands DLC. Read more
1 Nov 2021 02:13

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.8
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.8 is a smaller incremental patch that includes a fix during the fight with Saint Olms in Asylum Sanctorum, a crash fix in Elsweyr, a fix affecting the Stadia UI, and a number of backend fixes for some unreleased content. Read more
4 Oct 2021 03:43

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.7
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.7 fixes several issues in the Waking Flame dungeons, some game crashes, an issue affecting taunts, and more. Read more
20 Sep 2021 02:57

PC/Mac Patch Notes v7.1.6
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.1.6 fixes a few issues involving the new Waking Flame dungeons, a couple item sets and abilities including Bracing Anchor, Caustic Arrow, Elf Bane and Elemental Susceptibility, a couple game crashes, the inability to fish in Wrothgar, and more. Read more
7 Sep 2021 00:06

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