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Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 15 | HyperPixie on Joining the ESO Stream Team & Gamer Goals???
In today's episode of STP, HyperPixie sits down with us to talk about her latest achievement of joining the Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team! A HUGE congratulations to Pixie on this milestone! She has more than earned it! We also talk about all the pvp set changes coming to ESO, as well as the retur... Read more
19 Oct 2020 23:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 14 | Halloween Fun & Noble Update!
In this episode of Scroll talk we talk about all the fun things that are coming in ESO! Noble also takes a few minutes to talk about his health and how that's going! But don't worry, we're all about ESO this week!!!!! Read more
12 Oct 2020 20:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 13 | Lost Treasures of Skyrim & More PVP tests!
Today on Scroll talk we talk about all things Lost Treasure of skyrim event that's currently going on!!! A little bit of a shorter episode than normal but it's been pretty quiet! We always bring you the news though!! Read more
29 Sep 2020 19:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 12 | Markarth & Microsoft buying Bethesda!?!
We have a TON of news to talk about! The Markarth DLC was announced over last weekend, which has a lot of news in it of itself, BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!!! Microsoft just bought Bethesda for 7.5 Billion dollars!!!! What does this industry changing deal mean for ESO! Ryan and I get in real deep into this topic! Let us know what you think! Read more
23 Sep 2020 00:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 11 | StarDancer
Today Noble had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Star Dancer from Twitch!!! Listen to them shoot the shit about ESO and what it's like to be content creators on Youtube & Twitch! Be sure to check out star dancer in the show notes!! Read more
14 Sep 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 10 | Gap Closer Bug & Pvers losing Tel Var Stones
In this episode of the podcast we talk about the imperial City event! But the real meat and potatoes is on the bug that hasnt been fixed and is making world pvp really hard to play! along with the testing coming to Cyrodill! Read more
7 Sep 2020 23:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 9 | LotusofDoom & Stonethorn Thoughts
In this week's episode we have the honor of sitting down and talking with LotusofDoom! He's the co-host of Tales of Tamriel & Lorecast podcasts, and Also streams on twitch!!! Be sure to check him out! Read more
31 Aug 2020 10:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 8 | Arkasis is LITERALLY Mad, Stonethorn DLC (Mini Podcast)
Hey guys! This week's episode of Scroll Talk is a mini podcast because Ryan (Goodstash) had some personal life things happen that take immediate priority. So it's just me (Noble) solo bringing you a small episode for the week! Thank you for understanding! Send good vibes to Ryan! Read more
25 Aug 2020 21:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 7 | Add Ons & Noble's MAIN Class???
In this weeks episode we talk about the use of ADD ons and how to find that perfect UI! Don't worry console gamers we didn't forget about you in this episode! There's also a lot of funny things about stashes gamer rage! Read more
19 Aug 2020 00:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 6 | Noble's Confession & Stash's RNG
In this week's episode we talk about what went on at QuakeCon 2020 (The virtual Stream) As well was what we've been up in ESO! We got to take a little bit of a podcast break (But you all didn't know that! Read more
10 Aug 2020 23:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 5 | HyperPixie Gaming
In our 5th episode of the podcast we had the pleasure of chatting with HyperPixie! One of the three hosts on the Tales of Tamriel Podcast! We discussed a variety ESO topics, as well as Hyperpixie's experiences in the gaming industry as a woman! You don't want to miss this episode!!!! Read more
3 Aug 2020 09:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 4 | Hack The Minotaur
Today we had Hack The Minotaur on our show to talk about ALL things ESO! We hang out and discuss the stonethorn DLC and what we're excited about in the future! Be sure to subscribe to his channel! Links to that and his website below! Hack's Channel|'s Website | Read more
27 Jul 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 3 | Summerset's Bounty & Dottz Leaving ESO?
In today's episode we talk about the latest Elder Scrolls Online News! We also talk about community things like Dottz Gaming moving over to WoW and how that Impacts the ESO content creation scene. Read more
20 Jul 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Podcast Episode 2 | Stonethorn DLC & Research Times
This week on Scroll Talk, we tackle the latest DLC coming to The Elder Scrolls online, as well as talk what we've been up to in game! ESO Patch notes are below!'s Twitter| Read more
14 Jul 2020 22:00

Scroll Talk Episode 0 | Welcome to Summerset
In our Pilot episode of the podcast, Noble and Goodstash talk about how they got into The Elder Scrolls Online, and what keeps them playing the game day after day! This is meant to introduce everyone to ourselves and what we want this podcast to be, and who our target audience is! We hope you'll stick around! Read more
7 Jul 2020 12:00

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