ESO Luxury Furnisher Week 33, 2022 header
20 Aug 2022 - 22 Aug 2022

ESO Luxury Furnisher Week 33, 2022

ESO Luxury Furnisher Week 33, 2022

The ESO Luxury Vendor (Also known as Luxury Furnisher) appears every weekend in Coldharbour to sell a variety of rare furniture items. The ESO Luxury Furnisher is a special Vendor, his name is "Zanil Theran" and he can be found in Coldharbour next to the Cicero's Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City and opposite of the bank. The Luxury Vendor changes his selection of rare goods every week, therefore it is important to stay up to date and not miss anything you have been waiting for, as it can take a while for it to show up again.

What Does The ESO Luxury Vendor Offer This Week?

The ESO Luxury Vendor (Luxury Furnisher) has an exquisite and expensive collection of rotating premium goods that are available for a very limited time, similar to Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden Vendor in Cyrodiil.

Below you can find the list of items that the Luxury Vendor (Luxury Furnisher) offers every week. For more specific details and a picture of each item, please visit their respective individual pages.

Luxury Vendor Schedule in ESO

The Luxury Vendor Zanil Theran is a vendor in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) that only appears on the weekends to sell rare furniture to players. The Luxury Vendor is active from 00:00 UTC on Friday until 12:00 UTC on Monday. Sometimes he spawns an hour late.

Anvil Banner, Large icon

Anvil Banner, Large

Type Banners
Gold 12,000 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Banner, Anvil icon

Banner, Anvil

Type Banners
Gold 4,000 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Brotherhood Candelabra, Table icon

Brotherhood Candelabra, Table

Type Candles
Gold 2,500 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Brotherhood Stained Glass Window icon

Brotherhood Stained Glass Window

Type Symbolic Decor
Gold 100,000 Gold
This is a huge house item.
Brotherhood Tapestry icon

Brotherhood Tapestry

Type Tapestries
Gold 10,000 Gold
This is a large house item.
Brotherhood Tapestry, Small icon

Brotherhood Tapestry, Small

Type Tapestries
Gold 5,000 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Door, Sweet Mother icon

Door, Sweet Mother

Type Doorways
Gold 35,000 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Hourglass Pedestal, Square icon

Hourglass Pedestal, Square

Type Symbolic Decor
Gold 7,500 Gold
This is a standard house item.
Hourglass Stand, Round icon

Hourglass Stand, Round

Type Symbolic Decor
Gold 4,000 Gold
This is a small house item.

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