XBOX Patch Notes

Xbox Patch Notes v1.28.2.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.28.2.0 fixes a couple game crashes, several fixes and improvements involving Tales of Tribute and other High Isle content, a fix for an issue that caused training dummies to report inflated DPS values, and more. Read more
20 Jul 2022 03:06

Xbox Patch Notes v1.28.1.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.28.1.0 fixes a number of issues within High Isle including quests, Dreadsail Reef trial, Tales of Tribute, and even made a few changes for the popular Petrified Oaken Loop Lead. Read more
6 Jul 2022 03:02

Xbox Patch Notes v1.28.0.0 - High Isle & Update 34
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.28.0.0 and our newest Chapter: High Isle! Read more
20 Jun 2022 23:51

Xbox Patch Notes v1.27.2.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.27.2.0 is a small incremental patch that contains two crash fixes, a fix for Bosmer female character animations, and a fix for an issue involving voice chat UI error messages. Read more
26 Apr 2022 21:06

Xbox Patch Notes v1.27.1.0
The Elder Scrolls Online fixes the issue where completed map POIs would sometimes appear incomplete, some issues with the Night’s Silence and Turning Tide item sets, a fix for your camera sometimes getting forced into first person view, and more. Read more
11 Apr 2022 21:30

Xbox Patch Notes v1.27.0.0 - Ascending Tide & Update 33
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.27.0.0 and the beginning of the Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure! Read more
28 Mar 2022 19:49

Xbox Patch Notes v1.26.4.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.26.4.0 contains several fixes tied to group content – including the Will of Stone and Soul Savior Rockgrove achievements now being properly awarded – fixes for a few game crashes, the Trap Beast ability being able to generate Ultimate, and more. Read more
2 Feb 2022 03:24

Xbox Patch Notes v1.26.3.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.26.3.0 fixes a crash that would occur when using certain combat abilities or firing ballistas. Read more
22 Dec 2021 03:40

Xbox Patch Notes v1.26.2.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.26.2.0 updates the ZeniMax Media Terms of Service, effective on December 13, 2021. Read more
14 Dec 2021 22:14

Xbox Patch Notes v1.26.1.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.26.1.0 fixes a number of issues across the game since Update 32 launched including your character getting stuck in combat in the Deadlands zone, some game crashes, a few issues involving quests and the Armory System, and more. Read more
1 Dec 2021 03:54

Xbox Patch Notes v1.26.0.0 (Deadlands & Update 32)
The Gates of Oblivion story reaches its climactic finale in The Deadlands DLC. Read more
15 Nov 2021 22:13

Xbox Patch Notes v1.25.2.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.25.2.0 includes fixes for voice chat and a few game crashes, including some of the frequent crashes occurring on Xbox Series X|S since the last incremental. Read more
5 Oct 2021 23:44

Xbox Patch Notes v1.25.1.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.25.1.0 fixes several issues in the Waking Flame dungeons, some game crashes, a few item sets and abilities, and more. Read more
22 Sep 2021 11:18

Xbox Patch Notes v1.25.0.0 - Waking Flame & Update 31
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.25.0.0 and the Waking Flame DLC Game Pack! Waking Flame adds two new 4-player dungeons to the game: Read more
7 Sep 2021 20:10

Xbox Patch Notes v1.24.5.0
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.24.5.0 fixes several issues with voice chat, including one where you would automatically start transmitting in Area channels regardless of your settings, a number of game crashes and UI errors, and more. Read more
28 Jul 2021 02:28

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