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Community Spotlight – Geonhdrio’s Impenetrable Dwarven Armor
Talented cosplayer and ESO Fan Geonhdrio returns to share his latest mechanical masterpiece—the Dwarven Refabricated Heavy Armor! Read more
12 Aug 2022 13:00

Lost Depths Preview—Graven Deep
Delve into a lost underwater complex and uncover the secrets of the Druid King in Graven Deep, one of the two new dungeons coming soon as part of The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths. Read more
11 Aug 2022 13:00

Meet the Character – Dhulef
The Redguard Dhulef may have retired from the high seas, but he still has an adventure or two left in him! Learn more about the unlikely pirate-turned-mage in our latest Meet the Character. Read more
9 Aug 2022 12:00

Get Ready for a Host of Amazing ESO Livestreams at QuakeCon 2022
ESO returns to QuakeCon to host a series of fun and informative livestreams on Read more
4 Aug 2022 13:00

Tales of Tribute’s Top Players Share Their Thoughts and Strategies
Get tips and strategies from two of the ESO community’s top Tales of Tribute players. Read more
3 Aug 2022 13:00

Experience the Sounds of the Systres with the Official High Isle Soundtrack
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Official Soundtrack is now available from digital retailers and streaming services. Read more
1 Aug 2022 15:00

Crown Store Showcase—August 2022
Prepare to plunge into the Lost Depths with these new and returning items coming to the Crown Store in August. Read more
29 Jul 2022 14:00

Marvel at this Incredible High Isle-Themed PC Build from FutureXP
Check out this amazing High Isle PC, custom made fit for Breton nobility. Read more
29 Jul 2022 12:00

Community Guides—Whitestrake’s Mayhem July 2022
Whitestrake’s Mayhem returns! Arm yourself for the battles to come with these player-made PvP guides and builds from the ESO community! Read more
28 Jul 2022 13:00

Lost Depths Preview—Earthen Root Enclave
Continue your Legacy of the Bretons adventure in Earthen Root Enclave, one of the two new dungeons coming soon as part of the Lost Depths DLC. Read more
27 Jul 2022 13:00

Meet the Character—Druid Laurel
Headstrong and bold, Druid Laurel travels the Systres seeking ancient lore. Learn a little more about this inquisitive druid in this new Meet the Character. Read more
26 Jul 2022 13:00

Dominate Your Rivals and Earn Unique Rewards During the Whitestrake’s Mayhem PvP Event
Battle with and against your fellow adventures across Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, and Battlegrounds, all the while earning bonus Alliance Points and XP, in-game rewards, and more! Read more
21 Jul 2022 13:00

See the Numbers Behind Tales of Tribute’s First Month of PvP Matches
Get an inside look at how the ESO community took to Tales of Tribute with this new infographic. Read more
20 Jul 2022 13:00

See the Masters of the Ascendant Order Captured in Cosplay
We teamed up with two talented artists to produce a set of meticulously detailed outfits representing the antagonists of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle—check them out! Read more
19 Jul 2022 13:00

Community Spotlight—Kerebear’s Marvelous Portraits
Artist and Elder Scrolls Online fan Kerebear captures the beauty of Tamriel and its people through her in-game screenshot portraits. Listen to her break down her journey and creative process to snagging that perfect pic! Read more
15 Jul 2022 13:00

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