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Introducing Endeavors, A New Way to Acquire Crown Crate Items
Complete new daily and weekly activities, called Endeavors, and you can earn a new currency to acquire Crown Crate items. Learn about this new system and currency here! Read more
15 Apr 2021 13:00

ESO Live: April 16 @ 4PM EDT—Companions Dev Discussion
Join us on ESO Live for a special developer discussion of the Blackwood Chapter’s upcoming Companion System. Read more
14 Apr 2021 12:02

Blackwood Preview—The Mighty Ruinachs
Of all the beasts of Oblivion, the Ruinach is the one most like the Prince of Destruction in form and in fury. Learn about this new monster you’ll encounter in our latest Blackwood preview! Read more
13 Apr 2021 13:26

Critical Role Begins Their Gates of Oblivion Adventure!
Did you catch Critical Role’s latest episode of #EverythingIsContent? Watch as Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien begin their ESO adventures. Read more
8 Apr 2021 12:44

Blackwood Preview—The Zone
When exploring the new zone in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, you will discover a world caught between two worlds. Learn about this diverse and colorful part of Tamriel in this preview. Read more
7 Apr 2021 16:42

Recapping the Blackwood Chapter Preview Event
Catch up on everything you missed from the recent ESO Blackwood Chapter Preview Event! Read more
6 Apr 2021 14:15

ESO: Console Enhanced Brings Next-Generation Fidelity and Performance to Tamriel
Experience Tamriel augmented through the power of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 with Console Enhanced, a new version of ESO that brings next-gen fidelity and performance, completely free for all existing ESO players! Read more
31 Mar 2021 19:00

Discover Tamriel and Save During Our Free Play Event
Play ESO for free and save on both the game and Crown Packs during our Free Play Event and sale! Read more
31 Mar 2021 16:14

Expose a Sinister Plot in the Blackwood Prologue
Begin a journey that will take you to the upcoming Chapter and beyond with the Blackwood Prologue, now available for all ESO players! Read more
31 Mar 2021 14:26

Crown Store Showcase—April 2021
You can become a Champion of Cyrodiil or invite a Dremora into your home with a host of new and returning items coming to the in-game Crown Store this April. Read more
29 Mar 2021 14:00

ESO Live: April 1 @ 3PM EDT—Blackwood Zone Deep Dive
Watch ESO Live next Thursday to get an in-depth look at the Blackwood Chapter’s new zone and challenges. Read more
26 Mar 2021 17:30

Celebrate ESO’s 7th Birthday During the Anniversary Jubilee Event
Eat cake and enjoy bonus XP and rewards during the Anniversary Jubilee in-game event and join us in celebrating ESO’s 7th birthday! Read more
25 Mar 2021 13:22

Community Spotlight–Ninja614
A long-time member of the Stream Team, Ninja614 is one of ESO’s most engaging and successful Twitch streamers. Learn about how he got his start and built his channel in this new Community Spotlight! Read more
24 Mar 2021 13:41

Get an Early Look at Blackwood During Our Preview Event
Watch the Blackwood Chapter Preview Event on and discover what adventures await as the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure continues. Read more
22 Mar 2021 16:55

Celebrate the Absurd During the Jester’s Festival In-Game Event
Earn ridiculous rewards and enjoy double XP as you celebrate the wacky and the absurd during the Jester’s Festival in-game event. Read more
17 Mar 2021 14:42

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