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ESO Pledges - Daily Undaunted Pledges header

ESO Pledges - Daily Undaunted Pledges

ESO Pledges - Daily Undaunted Pledges

Welcome to the ESOPledges page (Daily Undaunted Pledges). Here you can keep track of what the current Undaunted dailies are. You can also find a list of what the next ESO Undaunted Pledges will be, to plan accordingly.

The Undaunted ESO Pledges are daily repeatable quests. The quests will send you into different group dungeons in the Elder Scrolls Online. The daily Undaunted quests are both completable on normal and veteran difficulty. You can complete up to three Undaunted Pledges per day per character. The daily Undaunted Pledges always offer two dungeons from the base game and one dungeon from one of the DLCs. Each alliance has an Undaunted Enclave in their capital city.

  • Ebonheart Pact: Mournhold city in the Deshaan zone.
  • Aldmeri Dominion: Elden Root city in the Grahtwood zone.
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Wayrest city in the Stormhaven zone.

The ESO Pledges (Undaunted Daily Pledges) become available after you reach level 45 with your character. Once you reach level 45, you will receive an invitation from the Undaunted guild via your inbox. Open the invitation to start the quest which will send you to the Undaunted Enclave. The quest introduces you to the Undaunted Pledges system, therefore make sure to pay attention what the NPCs have to say. After completing the quest, you will also receive your first Undaunted key.

 By completing Undaunted ESO pledges you will be rewarded with Undaunted keys that you can spend on coffers that the NPCs (Pledge Master) offer. The coffers contain Monster Set shoulder pieces. The headpieces of Monster Sets drop in the dungeons, whereas the shoulder pieces have to be obtained through the Undaunted Pledges via the Pledge Masters store. You can buy normal coffers which only cost 1 Undaunted key, or more specialized coffers which cost 5 Undaunted keys but only contain very specific Monster sets.

Depending on the difficulty level, you will receive a different amount of Undaunted keys for the completion of a dungeon. Normal and veteran mode both award 1 key each. If you do veteran with hardmode, you will receive 2 Undaunted keys. Completing Undaunted Pledges in the Elder Scrolls Online will also increase the level of your Undaunted skill-line.

For a quick overview of what the current ESO Undaunted Pledges are, you can find a list in the sidebar of the homepage on desktop.

Undaunted Reputation Progress Points List

The developers of ESO changed how you can progress the Undaunted ranks in Update 33 Ascending Tide DLC. Below you can see the list of many points you can earn to progress the ranks in the Undaunted skill line.

10Daily Delve
25Dungeon Quest
25Pledge Normal
50Pledge Veteran
100Pledget Veteran Hardmode
50Trial Quest Normal
100Trial Quest Veteran

How to become Undaunted in ESO?

In order to do ESO Pledges you have to become one of the Undaunted members, you have to go into the starter city of your alliance with any level to meet the Undaunted Guild.

The Undaunted are all in the tavern of your Alliance's starter city, and will have a quest for you called “One of the Undaunted”. In this quest you will have to scout out your first dungeon! Don't worry though, you can do this alone. All that is needed for you is to enter the dungeon, not to complete it. Look for the tavern symbol, as Undaunted like to drink to their victories!

Ebonheart Pact Undaunted Location

ESO Pledges Location for Ebonheart Pact Members, Davon's Watch Town in the Stonefall Zone

Aldmeri Dominion Undaunted Location

ESO Pledges Location for Aldmeri Dominion, Vulkhel Guard Town in Auridon

Daggerfall Covenant Undaunted Location

ESO Pledges Location for Daggerfall Covenant, Daggerfall Town in the Glenumbra Zone

Undaunted Ranks

As with all the other guilds, you can level up to rank 10 with the Undaunted by receiving reputation. Undaunted Reputation is gained by completing either Normal or Veteran Dungeon's Achievements, as well as Trials in Craglorn. You can also absolve a Daily Delve Quest once per day, which will also give you Undaunted reputation.

Each rank requires more Undaunted reputation.

In the following table you can see how much is needed per rank.


There is also a kind of "questline" available for the Undaunted which will grant you additional reputation, even though it is not a quest per se. It's a list of places you have to visit and tasks to complete in order to receive additional reputation. “This One's On Me” rewards you with 30 Undaunted reputation, whereas “Risk and Challenge” requires you to absolve Bolgrul's Undaunted challenge of one delve quest, which in turn rewards you with 10 Undaunted reputation per delve.

Becoming truly Undaunted

Daily Quests

The most important daily quests you can absolve for the Undaunted enclave are the so called ESO Pledges.

With level 45 you will receive an invitation in your inbox to go visit your alliance's Undaunted enclave in its capital. There you will have to sign your name in a book and talk to each Pledge Master, before they declare you fit to complete Pledges.

ESO Pledges dare you to challenge specific dungeons each day, determined and handed out by the so called Pledge Masters. Maj al-Ragath will give you a quest for the easier dungeons, whereas Glirion the Redbeard will provide more challenging content. Urgarlag Chief-Bane will give you a quest for a DLC dungeon, so you will need to have access to those in order to complete this challenge.

These ESO Pledges are on a fixed rotation and are the same for all players. Also, they can't be shared with group members and must be picked up separately.

Pledge Master (NPC)Reputation (Normal)Reputation (Veteran)
Maj al-Ragath1020
Glirion the Redbeard1020
Urgarlag Chief-Bane1020

Bolgrul, an NPC located at each Undaunted Enclave in any Alliance capital, will have Delve Dailies available which are repeatable quests throughout Tamriel. These quests can be shared in the group, meaning that all 15 of these quests can be absolved per day, which would provide a total of 150 Undaunted reputation per character, as they give 10 Undaunted reputation each.

NPCReputation (Delve)

Additionally, you have the Daily Dungeon which must be completed randomly in order for you to be granted a huge amount of experience points, depending on your level. This becomes available as soon as you have reached level 10. Just open the group window with P and select “Dungeon Finder” from the left. There it will give you the option to sign up for a Random Normal Dungeon. The rewards will automatically be sent to you upon completing the dungeon in your inbox.

Rewards for ESO Pledges

With the Scalebreaker DLC upgrade in 2019 (Update 23 on PC/Mac), ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) changed its system from chests offering the Monster Set shoulder rewards, to NPCs rewarding this now. This makes it a lot easier to determine which Monster Shoulder reward you are actually getting from which NPC, and while you have to gamble a lot before with your keys, ZOS made it much easier for you to get what you want now, even if it costs a bit more. You can still gamble on the shoulder piece you want, but especially if you don't have many keys available, this might not be an option.

Undaunted keys also will now be stored in the currency tab and no longer take up space in your inventory.

As you can see in the picture below, there are now three different kind of items they can sell.

  • Mystery Coffer: Being sold by every Pledge Master, acting like the chest before upon interaction. From all Monster Shoulder pieces available from this NPC there is a small chance to receive what you need, but it also just costs one key.
  • Specialized Coffer: Costing five keys each, this will guarantee you the Monster Shoulder you are looking for, just not necessarily in the trait you need.
  • Monthly Monster Shoulder Page Style: Each month there is a dungeon in which you can receive the Monster style of this dungeon as a style for the head, and from the respective Pledge Master you can receive this style as a Monster Shoulder style. This costs 50 keys, but can also be randomly in a Mystery Coffer, and since it isn't so rare I wouldn't suggest buying it with 50 keys unless you have those keys to spare and don't know what else to do with them!

ESO Pledges Coffers at Undaunted EnclavePledge Master

Summary for ESO Pledges

ESO Pledges are a great daily activity that connects you to your guild mates because you have to complete 4-player group dungeons together. At the same time you get plenty of Undaunted Keys, achievements, new sets and materials as reward after completing a dungeon. There is something for anyone, the ESO Undaunted Pledges work in normal and veteran mode dungeons.

Constantly doing ESO Pledges is also the best way to level up the Undaunted skill line, because completing pledges and completing achievements will both give points towards the skill line.

If you want to have the 2 Undaunted passives as soon as possible, unlock the Undaunted skill line as early as possible. As said, you can unlock it when you come out of the tutorial, or when you have chosen to skip it. All you need to do is go into the starter city of your alliance and talk to the Undaunted group leader in the tavern. Also, you don't have to do the dungeon in order to get the first quest done! This is worth mentioning again, as many people don't actually know this and wait until they can queue for the dungeon.

Almost all build guides require you to have the two Undaunted passives, as they allow you to gain more resources by activating a synergy of an ally and increasing your maximum health. So it is quite important to use your Daily Random dungeon to get into a dungeon and do it, or queue for a new dungeon as soon as it becomes available. Or, after you have reached Level 50, complete all the dungeons in a long session.

This is especially useful if you have found friends already in the game that can help you, or a guild which gladly helps out new players. Remember, though. The most Undaunted reputation you can get by doing achievements on veteran, but if you are a new player, you will have a hard time finding a group that will bring you along. So it will most likely take you a while until you have Undaunted leveled.

An honorary mention for this guide goes to the ESO Golden Vendor. Once a week she sells alternatingly a Monster Helmet or Monster Shoulder in Infused/Impenetrable for 100 000 gold or 200 000 AP in all weights. It's entirely random, so you never know when a Monster set will be available, but it is always worth checking what she has.

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