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ESO Events - Events Calendar and Guides 2022 header

ESO Events - Events Calendar and Guides 2022

ESO Events - Events Calendar and Guides 2022

During the year, ESO events offers a lot of diversion for players that like to enjoy exploring the game in different ways and return to places they might have already been to for new rewards. The ESO events are divided into seasonal events, chapter events, DLC events and anniversary events. Sometimes DLC/Chapter events are also combined because there are so many different events in ESO.

Special rewards include things such as motifs, pets and mounts, which need to be collected from event to event and then combined. Especially the mounts are collected via the Impresario Event Merchant, which offers single parts of items that can be combined. These items can be bought via Event Tickets, which in turn are given for fulfilling the objectives of an event, such as using a specific item or handing in a specific quest.

Próximo evento

El próximo evento es el de Fervor De Zenithar. Comenzará el junio 30º 2022 .

Fervor De Zenithar

Zeal of Zenithar es un nuevo evento dentro del juego en The Elder Scrolls Online que tendrá lugar en junio de 2022.

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Lista de eventos

Jester's Festival mar. 31º 2022 Jester's Festival Event Guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The Jester Festival Event in ESO offers great new rewards, see the images below. 100% EXP boost included.
Daedric War Celebration ene. 20º 2022 Complete Daedric War Celebration Event Guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The event is taking place in Morrowind, Clockwork City and Summerset, you can earn rewards and event tickets.
Whitestrake’s Mayhem feb. 17º 2022 The ESO Whitestrakes's Mayhem event formerly known as Midyear Mayhem is taking place this year. Bring glory to your Alliance and battle enemies in Cyrodiil and Imperial City to obtain Alliance Points, XP, and unique rewards!
Bounties of Blackwood sep. 30º 2021 Return to Blackwood and battle the forces of Mehrunes Dagon! Receive Reward coffers and event tickets for doing daily quests in Blackwood.
Year One Celebration ago. 26º 2021 Year One Celebration is an event to celebrate the first year of ESO and the releases of Craglorn, Wrothgar and the Imperial City. 2 tickets and many other rewards can be earned.
Pan-Elsweyr Celebration jul. 22º 2021 Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event for ESO. Adventure in the Khajiiti homelands in the Pan-Elsweyr Celebration. Earn and unlock unique new rewards.
Heroes Reforged Event mar. 8º 2021 Free pet and respec your characters for free. Mini-Event.
Tribunal Celebration feb. 25º 2021 Earn Tribunal Coffer during the Tribunal Celebration Event in ESO. Morrowind and Clockwork City DLC Tribunal Event, both DLCs can be bought with discount during the event.
Explorer's Celebration mar. 17º 2022 Explorer's Celebration Event, get double XP, resource node drops and gold in any zone in Tamriel during the Explorer's Celebration! Elder Scrolls Online
Lost Treasures of Skyrim sep. 23º 2020 Uncover antiquities and unlock bonus collectibles (including an incredible new house) for ALL Greymoor players during the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event!
Murkmire Celebration feb. 20º 2020 Delve into the perilous region of Murkmire during this in-game event and you can earn bonus rewards including style pages, crafting materials, collectibles, and more!
New Life Festival dic. 16º 2021 Celebrate an amazing year of adventure and comradery with the return of the New Life Festival. Earn bonus EXP, event-unique rewards, and more during this merry fete!
Witches Festival oct. 21º 2021 Boo! Battle Tamriel’s monsters, get double XP, and earn creepy new rewards during the Witches Festival in-game event! Learn everything you need to know about the frightening fete here.
Imperial City Celebration sep. 3º 2020 Battle your fellow players and Daedra under the shadow of the White-Gold Tower during the Imperial City Celebration and you’ll earn bonus rewards and collectibles.
Orsinium Celebration Venture into the snow-capped mountains of Wrothgar during the Orsinium Celebration Event for bonus rewards in the zone and Maelstrom Arena.
Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Commit crimes in the name of the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild during our celebration event and you’ll earn bonus rewards.
Anniversary Jubilee abr. 7º 2022 It's Elder Scrolls Online 's anniversary, and that means you can enjoy bonus XP, special rewards, and cake during our Anniversary Jubilee event!
Undaunted Celebration nov. 18º 2021 Who knows no fear of beast or blade? The Undaunted Celebration event is back! Clear dungeons to earn bonus rewards and Event Tickets. We are Undaunted!
Fervor De Zenithar jun. 30º 2022 Zeal of Zenithar es un nuevo evento dentro del juego en The Elder Scrolls Online que tendrá lugar en junio de 2022.