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Andere Fertigkeitenlinien in Allianzkrieg : Sturmangriff und Unterstützung

The Emperor skill-line is part of the "Alliance War" category in the Elder Scrolls Online. The Emperor skill-line only has passives, very powerful passives that increase the offense and defense capabilities of your character by a huge amount. After all, you are the Emperor and you should be the most powerful player in the campaign!

Each Campaign in Cyrodiil in the Elder Scrolls Online can have one Emperor. That means there can be multiple current Emperors currently but they are all in different campaigns. 

If you are becoming an Emperor the first time, you will also gain an unique costume called "Emperor Regalia" and the title "Emperor". When you don't hold the Emperor status anymore, the costume will still be accessible to you, but the "Emperor" title will turn into "Former Emperor" title.

How do you unlock the Emperor skill-line?

To unlock the Emperor skill-line your alliance has to capture all six keeps around the Imperial City in Cyrodiil and you need to be the highest ranked player in the current campaign. That means you need to have the most Alliance Points out of all players in your faction to be crowned Emperor.
Passive Fähigkeiten
Monarch header Monarch Monarch
Monarch header
Erhöht die von Euch in Eurer Kampagne erhaltene Heilung um 50 %.
Authorität header Authorität Authorität
Authorität header
Erhöht Euren Erhalt von ultimativer Kraft um 100 %, während Ihr Euch in Eurer Kampagne befindet.
Herrschaft header Herrschaft Herrschaft
Herrschaft header
Erhöht Eure Lebens-, Magicka-, und Ausdauerregeneration im Kampf um 100 %, während Ihr Euch in Eurer Kampagne befindet.
Taktiker header Taktiker Taktiker
Taktiker header
Erhöht den von Euch verursachten Schaden mit Belagerungswaffen an Burgen und anderen Belagerungswaffen um 100 %, während Ihr Euch in Eurer Kampagne befindet.
Kaiser header Kaiser Kaiser
Kaiser header
Erhöht Euer maximales Leben, Eure Magicka und Eure Ausdauer um 75 %, solange Ihr Euch in Eurer Kampagne befindet.

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