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ESO Status Effects & Mechanics Guide header

ESO Status Effects & Mechanics Guide

ESO Status Effects & Mechanics Guide

Below you can find a list of all Status Effects that exist in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online). Status Effects are very important in ESO but often players don't know much about them. This overview page will teach you what the different Status Effects do in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Status Effects can be applied from Skills, Weapon enchants, Sets (If mentioned in the tooltip) and Poisons. The proc chances are the following:

  • 20% - Weapon enchants 
  • 20% - Poisons
  • 10% - Single Target Direct Damage
  • 5% - Area of Effect Direct Damage
  • 3% - Single Target Damage over Time
  • 1% - Area of Effect Damage over Time
  • 0% - Light and Heavy Attacks

The [Battle Mastery] and [Flawless Ritual] Champion Perks also enhance the chance to apply a status effect.

Liste des effets d'état

Burning icon Burning Target burns for additional damage over 4 seconds.
Chilled icon Chilled Instant damage. Applies Minor Maim for 4 seconds, reducing target’s damage done. Also applies Minor Brittle increasing the critical damage done to the target. Note that a frost staff has to be on your active bar when Chilled is applied to proc Minor Brittle.
Concussion icon Concussion Instant damage and adds extra damage if target was recently Concussed. Applies Minor Vulnerability for 4 seconds, increasing their damage taken.
Diseased icon Diseased Instant damage, Also deals additional damage in a 6 meter radius around the target. Applies Minor Defile for 4 seconds, decreasing healing taken and health recovery.
Poisoned icon Poisoned Deals Poison Damage over 4 seconds. Is considered execute damage. Deals 100% bonus damage to targets under 100% health.
Sundered icon Sundered Instant damage and grants you 100 Weapon and Spell Damage for 4 seconds.
Overcharged icon Overcharged Instant damage. Instantly restores 65 Magicka to its activator. Applies Minor Magickasteal for 4 seconds, causing attackers to restore Magicka.
Hemorrhaging icon Hemorrhaging Target bleeds over 4 seconds, stacks up to 3 times and increases damage per stack by 25%.
Each Status Effect is applied by a specific damage type: 
  • Burning - Flame Damage
  • Chilled - Frost Damage
  • Concussed - Shock Damage
  • Diseased - Disease Damage
  • Hemorrhaging - Bleed Damage
  • Overcharged - Magic Damage
  • Poisoned - Poison Damage
  • Sundered - Physical Damage

Status Effects in ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) can be applied by skills, sets, poisons and enchantments.

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