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ESO Twitch Drops & Streamers

ESO Twitch Drops & Streamers

Welcome to the ESO Twitch drops page for the Elder Scrolls Online. You can earn unique rewards by watching ESO on ESO Twitch drops are available on both PC and Consoles.

How do the ESO Twitch Drops work?

All you need to do is connect your Twitch account to your ESO account. Once that is done, you will automatically receive "Ouroboros Crates" in the game. You will also get a confirmation Email about the drop, but it will be automatically added to your ESO account anyway. For your account to receive twitch drops, you need to do the following things first:

  1. Log into your ESO account on
  2. Navigate to your linked accounts.
  3. Select the Twitch button.
  4. Confirm by logging into your Twitch account.
  5. Watch ESO on Twitch while drops are active for at least 60 cumulative minutes.
  6. Claim ESO Twitch Drops on

When are ESO Twitch Drops active?

Drops are not always active. You can always check out this page to know when Twitch drops are active. You can also find a red/green light on the top right side on the homepage of the desktop version of the website.

When a stream is Drops-enabled, you will also get a notification popup letting you know they are live, in addition to a tag on the streamer's page. The overview page for ESO also shows the tags below each streamers window and it is labeled as "Drops Enabled". Then you know drops are active on that channel.
Twitch Drops ESO activeTwitch Drops enabled

Not all ESO Streamers have drops, always make sure to check if it says "Drops are active" below the streamers title on the Twitch platform, so far this is only visible on Desktop on Twitch, on mobile you can't actually see this, so you have to ask the streamer. Most of the streamers also do have DROPS in the title, that is another way of knowing that drops are active on the channel.

How long do I have to watch to get an ESO Twitch Drop?

Per Twitch's guidelines, you must watch a Drops-enabled stream for at least 60 cumulative minutes. You can track your progress on earning a Twitch Drop via

  • You are guaranteed a Drop once you meet the 60 minute requirement
  • Once you earn a Drop, a chat notification will appear that you must select to claim the ESO Twitch Drop
  • Alternatively, you can claim the Drop via
  • Note that if watching on console, you will need to swap to PC or Mobile to visit this page and claim your rewards
  • Important: In some cases you may have a limited time to claim your Drops, so be sure to grab them as soon as you see the notification

What rewards do the Ouroboros Crown Crates offer?

Ouroboros Crown Crates contain a random selection of in-game consumables such as Crown Poisons, Mimic Stones, Riding Lessons, or Experience Scrolls. They also have an extremely rare chance to contain an exclusive Senche of Scarlet Regret mount or Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret pet, the ESO Twitch drops are totally worth it if you get lucky, the mount and the non-combat pet look amazing and make a great addition to your collection.

Anything that you earn from the Ouroboros Crown Crates but you don't need can be converted into Crown Gems. Crown Gems can be used to purchase things from the Crown Crates section of the Crown Store.
Upcoming Twitch Drops
Title Start date End date
No upcoming twitch drops
Past Twitch Drops
Title Start date End date
ESO Live at Home дек 17-го 2021 20:00 T
дек 17-го 2021 14:00 T
дек 17-го 2021 11:00 T
дек 18-го 2021 06:00 T
дек 17-го 2021 22:30 T
дек 17-го 2021 16:30 T
дек 17-го 2021 13:30 T
дек 18-го 2021 08:30 T
New Life Festival дек 16-го 2021 16:00 T
дек 16-го 2021 10:00 T
дек 16-го 2021 07:00 T
дек 17-го 2021 02:00 T
дек 20-го 2021 06:59 T
дек 20-го 2021 00:59 T
дек 19-го 2021 21:59 T
дек 20-го 2021 16:59 T
ESO x Trivium Extra Life Charity Stream дек 1-го 2021 21:00 T
дек 1-го 2021 15:00 T
дек 1-го 2021 12:00 T
дек 2-го 2021 07:00 T
дек 1-го 2021 23:00 T
дек 1-го 2021 17:00 T
дек 1-го 2021 14:00 T
дек 2-го 2021 09:00 T
ESO Live at Home ноя 19-го 2021 22:00 T
ноя 19-го 2021 16:00 T
ноя 19-го 2021 13:00 T
ноя 20-го 2021 08:00 T
ноя 19-го 2021 23:30 T
ноя 19-го 2021 17:30 T
ноя 19-го 2021 14:30 T
ноя 20-го 2021 09:30 T
Undaunted Celebration ноя 18-го 2021 16:00 T
ноя 18-го 2021 10:00 T
ноя 18-го 2021 07:00 T
ноя 19-го 2021 02:00 T
ноя 22-го 2021 05:59 T
ноя 21-го 2021 23:59 T
ноя 21-го 2021 20:59 T
ноя 22-го 2021 15:59 T
U32 Console Launch Week ноя 16-го 2021 20:00 T
ноя 16-го 2021 14:00 T
ноя 16-го 2021 11:00 T
ноя 17-го 2021 06:00 T
ноя 22-го 2021 05:59 T
ноя 21-го 2021 23:59 T
ноя 21-го 2021 20:59 T
ноя 22-го 2021 15:59 T
Deadlands PC Launch Week - All Streamers ноя 2-го 2021 23:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 18:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 15:00 T
ноя 3-го 2021 09:00 T
ноя 8-го 2021 05:59 T
ноя 7-го 2021 23:59 T
ноя 7-го 2021 20:59 T
ноя 8-го 2021 15:59 T
Deadlands PC Launch (Stream Team) ноя 1-го 2021 23:00 T
ноя 1-го 2021 18:00 T
ноя 1-го 2021 15:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 09:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 23:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 18:00 T
ноя 2-го 2021 15:00 T
ноя 3-го 2021 09:00 T
Witches Festival окт 21-го 2021 16:00 T
окт 21-го 2021 10:00 T
окт 21-го 2021 07:00 T
окт 22-го 2021 01:00 T
окт 25-го 2021 05:59 T
окт 24-го 2021 23:59 T
окт 24-го 2021 20:59 T
окт 25-го 2021 14:59 T
ESO Live at Home окт 15-го 2021 22:00 T
окт 15-го 2021 16:00 T
окт 15-го 2021 13:00 T
окт 16-го 2021 07:00 T
окт 15-го 2021 23:30 T
окт 15-го 2021 17:30 T
окт 15-го 2021 14:30 T
окт 16-го 2021 08:30 T

Are the rewards of the ESO Twitch Drops really useful?

Obtaining the mount isn't easy, the drop rate is super low. However, you will gain plenty of poisons and items that you don't want before you will get the cool mount. But don't worry, the items that you don't need can be traded for Crown Gems! This is a very good way for you to farm Crown Gems for free. The Crown Gems can be used to get items from the Crown Crate Seasons, pretty neat!
Crown Gems Twitch Drops ESO