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ESO DLCs & Chapters

ESO DLCs & Chapters

Welcome to the ESO DLCs & Chapters overview page. Here you can find a full list of all the available ESO DLCs & Chapters. The DLCs & Chapters are ordered according to their respective release date.

To get further information about each DLC or Chapter you can click on the individual pages. There you can see what sort of items, zones, dungeons and more things have been released with that ESO DLC.

Последние DLC

High Isle
Дата выхода: июн 6-го 2022
The High Isle Chapter is the next installment of the popular MMO ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and will launch at the start of June.

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Список DLC

High Isle июн 6-го 2022 The High Isle Chapter is the next installment of the popular MMO ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and will launch at the start of June.
Ascending Tide мар 14-го 2022 Begin your Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure with the Ascending Tide DLC game pack for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online).
Deadlands ноя 1-го 2021 Deadlands is the fourth and final part of the Gates of Oblivion storyline in the ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Deadlands DLC release: November 1st for PC, November 15th for Console.
Waking Flame авг 23-го 2021 Waking Flame is the third part of the Gates of Oblivion storyline in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Two new Dungeons and several new Sets will be released with the Waking Flame DLC.
Blackwood июн 1-го 2021 Blackwood is the chapter of 2021's year long story Gates of Oblivion.
Flames of Ambition мар 8-го 2021 Flames of Ambition is the start of 2021's year long story Gates of Oblivion.
Markarth ноя 2-го 2020 The Dark Heart of Skyrim epic concludes in Markarth. As the Gray Host marches on the Reach, find unlikely allies among the clans that call this wild region home and unveil the true motivation of the mysterious Vampire Lord, Rada al-Saran.
Stonethorn авг 24-го 2020 Delve into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and continue your year-long adventure in Stonethorn. Confront a rising threat and uncover a monstrous secret with two challenging dungeons: Castle Thorn and Stone Garden.
Greymoor май 26-го 2020 The Dark Heart of Skyrim beats from the depths in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, the latest adventure yet in the Elder Scrolls saga. A chilling evil from the First Era awakens, unleashing supernatural storms and dark forces upon Western Skyrim. Led by a menacing Lord, an army of witches, vampires, and werewolves emerges from below and turns their sights on the holds around Solitude. As darkness consumes the land, Skyrim needs heroes to restore the light.
Harrowstorm фев 24-го 2020 Begin your Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure with two exciting new Dungeons: Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. Venture to a storm-cursed island and unholy burial ground, battle cunning witches and vile necromancers, and experience an all-new story.
Dragonhold окт 21-го 2019 The Season of the Dragon saga concludes with Dragonhold. Defend the people of Southern Elsweyr, restore the ancient Dragonguard order, and fight back against the Dragon menace. Your year-long adventure comes to its exciting finale here!
Scalebreaker авг 12-го 2019 The Season of the Dragon continues with two Dragon-themed dungeons: Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. Delve into these deadly new four-player dungeons and encounter challenging boss fights and amazing stories that expand upon the year-long adventure.
Elsweyr май 20-го 2019 Venture to the land of the Khajiit in Elsweyr. Face dread creatures from the past - Dragons! - as you join with new friends and old enemies to save Elsweyr from war and devastation.
Wrathstone фев 25-го 2019 Uncover Tamriel's buried secrets and begin the Season of the Dragon in Wrathstone. Explore mysterious ruins, face challenging bosses, and claim their riches and knowledge for yourself in two innovative new dungeons: Frostvault and Depths of Malatar.
Murkmire окт 22-го 2018 Travel to Murkmire, the southernmost region of mysterious Black Marsh, and venture into the deep swamps to learn some of the most hidden secrets of the Argonians.
Wolfhunter авг 13-го 2018 Dive into all-new stories themed around Tamriel's werewolves and the Daedric Prince Hircine. Two dungeons, two very different environments filled with hordes of monsters, tricky boss encounters, and unique rewards for heroes who accept the challenge.
Summerset июн 5-го 2018 By royal decree, the once-forbidden island of the High Elves has been opened, its Crystal Tower drawing travelers to its light. But dark forces from beyond and below are also interested in mystic location in this new adventure set in Summerset Isle.
Dragon Bones фев 12-го 2018 Cultists conspire to unleash a plague, while Necromancers attempt to reawaken a Bone Dragon. Put an end to these threats in the all-new Fang Lair and Scalecaller Dungeons.
Clockwork City окт 23-го 2017 Reports of mysterious shadow assassins draw you into Sotha Sil's Clockwork City to investigate a new Daedric threat. Uncover the secrets of this strange new, take on a new 12-player trial, earn powerful new armor sets and items, and more!
Horns of the Reach авг 14-го 2017 The Dreadhorn clan of Reachmen are up to no good in southwest Skyrim, and it's up to you to foil their plots in the dungeons of Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold.
Morrowind июн 5-го 2017 Morrowind is on the verge of destruction and only you can save it from a deadly Daedric threat. Discover the secrets of the island of Vvardenfell, and help the Dark Elves stop a meteor from crashing into Vivec City.
Shadows of the Hist авг 1-го 2016 Inlcudes two new Argonian themed dungeons: Cradle of Shadows and The Ruins of Mazzatun.
Dark Brotherhood май 31-го 2016 Your talent for homicide has been noticed, and the invitation has arrived, to join the Dark Brotherhood! Come now to the Gold Coast, westernmost region of the old Empire, where you'll find opportunity, intrigue and murder! It's one killer DLC!
Thieves Guild мар 7-го 2016 Join the Thieves Guild in Hew's Bane, a never-before-seen area of Hammerfell! Explore Abah's Landing, a decadent port town ruled by corrupt merchant lords, who struggle with the Thieves Guild for power. new stories, delves, group bosses, and much more!
Orsinium ноя 2-го 2015 Come to the homeland of the Orcs in ESO's first new PvE quest content DLC! Help King Kurog rebuild the city of Orsinium, and watch its walls and towers rise due to your deeds. Include new armor, weapons, a solo challenge arena, and more!
Imperial City авг 31-го 2015 Daedric forces have taken the Imperial City, and all three alliances vie to take it back. Experience all-new PvP and PvE gameplay, plus two new dungeons, never-before-seen monsters, craftable item sets, and more! Now included in the BASE GAME!