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Welcome to the Champion Points calculator for the Champion Point 2.0 System. This Champion Points calculator allows you to read all the perks and distribute the points accordingly. You can also save & share your Champion Point setup with other players, more on that further below.

How does the Champion Point calculator work?

There are three main categories, the green tree for Craft, the blue tree for Warfare and then red tree for Fitness. In addition, you can also find two subtrees in the Warfare tree called Staving Death and Extended Might.

Champion Points Trees
You can also find 4 active perk slots for each of the main trees above the images. These are for perks that need to be actively slotted, the calculator will also save them. You will have to drag and drop the perks in these slots, like ingame.

Perks that need to be slotted have the text "add to champion bar to activate" in their tooltip.

Champion Points Calcuator example all main categoriesOverview Page Champion Points Calculator

Now lets click on the Warfare tree image, that will bring you to that one specific tree. Like ingame, you can add and remove points by clicking on the plus or minus sign. You can also add multiple points at once if you hold down the shift button on your keyboard.

The Warfare tree also has two sub categories, click on the purple glowing points to get into the subtrees.

Warfare Champion Points Tree, Champion Points Calculator ESOWarfare Tree Champion Points System

How does the save & share function work?

On the top right side of the Champion Points calculator you can press the arrow button to generate an unique link that you can use to save and share with other players, to show your Champion Points allocation.

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