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ESO Daily Login Rewards header

ESO Daily Login Rewards

ESO Daily Login Rewards

This page displays the Daily Login Rewards that are available for the current month in the Elder Scrolls Online. You can claim one reward each day, and will need to login and collect them every day to obtain everything that is available for the month.

You can claim the rewards immediately after logging in with a character, or by going to the Daily Rewards tab in the Crown Store.

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How do Daily Login Rewards work in ESO?

You will be able to claim one reward each day, and the reward that you get is tied to how many you have previously claimed, not to the day of the month. This means that, for example, if you logged in on the first day of the month and claimed the reward, then did not log in on the second day, and returned on the third day, you would be able to get the first and second rewards in the month, not the first and third. 

You generally have to log in every day of the month to get everything.

At the beginning of the new month, new rewards will become available and your progress will be reset to day one. There is no way to collect rewards from a previous month once it has ended.

How to claim Daily Login Rewards in ESOHow to claim Daily Login Rewards in ESO

What Rewards are Available from Daily Login Rewards?

Most of the time the rewards will be basic utility items, such as potions, poisons, experience scrolls and research boosters. 

Sometimes you will get a currency reward, such as Gold, Alliance Points or Tel Var Stones. These are usually fairly small amounts, but sometimes there are larger ones, such as 100,000 gold. 

In most months there is also a collectible cosmetic item that is only available from the Login Rewards, such as a pet, a mount or face markings. 

These rewards aren't essential by any means, but are a helpful boost and they are completely free for all players in ESO.