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ESO Weekly Trial List header

ESO Weekly Trial List

ESO Weekly Trial List

The ESO Weekly Trial is a weekly trial leaderboard in The Elder Scrolls Online. Each week a different trial is selected and players can complete the trial to try and earn a place on the weekly leaderboard. Players who get onto the leaderboard for that week will earn an additional reward mail with Legendary quality gear. 

There is also a Weekly solo challenge which will be a weekly leaderboard for either Maelstrom Arena or Vateshran Hollows

Each server, for example PC NA and PC EU, has a different Weekly Trial and Weekly Solo Challenge. This page will tell you which one is currently active on your server. 

Еженедельные испытания

PC-EU: Blackrose Prison

A former Imperial penal colony situated deep within Murkmire’s treacherous marshy coast, Blackrose Prison was built centuries ago by the mage Pelladil Direnni and his army of Stone Atronachs. It is said that the prison housed the Empire’s worst (or most inconvenient) criminals and monsters, and ...

PC-NA: Rockgrove

Stone-talkers from the Ca-Uxith tribe have watched over Rockgrove's xanmeer for centuries. Although the stone stays silent, the chaos roiling beneath it could erupt at any moment. Before this occurs, a stone-talker will see the signs and prepare the tribe's defenses.Rockgrove is a 12 person trial lo...

Еженедельное одиночное испытание

PC-EU: Maelstrom Arena

Journey into the churning void of Oblivion to do battle in the legendary Maelstrom Arena! Designed by the eccentric Demiprince Fa-Nuit-Hen, this bizarre Daedric crucible will push even the most powerful adventurers to their limits. It is a contest without allies and without mercy. In the Maelstrom, ...

PC-NA: Vateshran Hollows

Try not to cross paths with members of the Spiritblood clan. They Show a brutality in battle that even scares other Reachfolk. Whether a gift of their blood or their style of combat training, their warriors do not cease until lay dead....

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The ESO Weekly Trial and Weekly Solo Challenge is usually different on each megaserver, however there may be times when they overlap and more than one megaserver has the same weekly at the same time. 

Currently, the following 12 player trials can appear as the weekly trial in the Elder Scrolls Online:

ESO Rockgrove TrialESO Rockgrove TrialIn addition, the following four player arenas can appear as the weekly trial:
As for the weekly solo challenge, there are currently only two possible locations for this:

ESO Maelstrom ArenaESO Maelstrom ArenaThat's a lot of DLC, but remember that you can access everything apart from the most recent expansion by having an active ESO Plus subscription. 

To improve your chances of getting onto the weekly trials leaderboard, it's best to find a coordinated team to play with, and joining a trials guild is your best bet for that. Score is allocated based on how quickly you completed the trial, how many player deaths occured, and whether you did the hardmode or not (some trials have multiple hardmodes, and the score will be higher the more of them you managed to do). 

For both the weekly trial and the weekly solo challenge, you can boost your performance and your score by making sure you are using a good PvE build for whatever role and class you are playing. We have builds for all classes and all roles that you can check out here.