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Being on a Budget while Leveling Jewelry Crafting

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This Jewelry Crafting Leveling Guide is here to help both inexperienced and experienced players level this skill line. Whether you have the financial funds, or need to start from scratch, this guide is meant to help everyone!

Jewelry Crafting is a crafting skill available in The Elder Scrolls Online and only available if you either bought the chapter “Summerset” before it changed into being a DLC with the release of the “Elsweyr” chapter, or have now access to “Summerset” as a DLC through either buying it, or ESO Plus.

There are different ways to level Jewelry Crafting, but the most efficient is deconstructing and doing your Jewelry Crafting Writs. How to get certified for these writs you can find out in this Jewelry Crafting Writs Guide.


You can have access to various bonuses in the game, which will help you level Jewelry Crafting much easier. These will give you a bonus to the inspiration you gather. Inspiration is the name for the crafting experience that you collect while performing various tasks.

  • 10% ESO Plus: The subscription to the base game does not only give you access to Jewelry Crafting, if you hadn’t bought Summerset at an earlier point, but will also increase the crafting experience called Inspiration by 10%
  • 10% Racial: If you are an Orc you gain 10% more Inspiration from all crafting tasks, be it deconstructing or crafting.
  • 20% Champion Points: If you already have a Champion Point level of 90, you can utilize this boost. In the green tree under The Tower you can find a passive boon called inspiration Boost. It grants you a boon to all inspiration gained in your crafting skills and requires 30 Champion Points that you can put into any of the Tower skills.

Being on a Budget

If you don’t have the funds but still want to level Jewelry Crafting, I suggest you get to Level 50 first, ideally Champion Points Level 90, too. Of course you can always deconstruct rings along the way that you no longer need, but at level 50, jewelry that you find will give you the most inspiration, especially if you are at least Champion Points Level 160 because that is the maximum level of jewelry items.

The best place to farm jewelry is by far Dolmen farming because you get a guaranteed jewelry from the reward chest at the end. Despite it being also the most boring, it’s the most efficient and if you are on a budget you might consider doing this. On the plus side, you also gain experience levels with this, and if you are Champion Points level 225, you can utilize a boon in the green tree The Shadow by allocating 75 “random” Champion Points. It doesn’t really matter how you allocate them because you just want the Treasure Hunter perk for this. This will increase your chances in looting high quality rewards from a chest which in turn gives you more inspiration when you deconstruct jewelry.

The second best method is doing normal dungeons and normal trials (they are very easy to complete but require a group). They offer a variation from the dolmen grind. You are able to do the random normal dungeon once a day, which means extra EXP.

We want to do this on normal because it just goes way faster and while you don’t get purple jewelry, the time invested is worth it more than the quality you receive. With a random group a veteran dungeon can take very long, whereas a normal dungeon should be done very quickly.

If you want to get the most out of it you might want to either go to Vaults of Madness for dungeons and Aetherian Archive for trials. Both have the most bosses in the game which means more loot for you.

Another option, especially if you are into PvP, would be going to Cyrodiil and buying your jewelry. For Alliance Points you can buy boxes from which jewelry drops. In the towns in Cyrodiil you can buy a 3 set piece container which contains only weapons and jewelry. It is a little gamble compared to the others, but for 12 000 AP this isn’t too bad of a deal. You could also buy the Unidentified Elite Jewelry for 20 000 AP in your alliance’s base, which is slightly more expensive, but also only contains jewelry. The [Eagle-Eye] Set is currently the best choice, as it just drops jewelry and bows, so the chances are higher for you to get jewelry.

Having some Funds

There are two ways to level jewelry crafting when you have the spare cash.

The first option would be going from guild store to guild store and buying all the cheap level 50 Champion Points 160 rings in any quality. Best would be the ones with the trait Intricate, because this will grant you a lot more Inspiration you gain from deconstructing, but any is fine. But you can buy any in the end, unless it’s not a couple of thousand gold, even the ornate ones.

Intricate jewelry Inspiration Jewelry LevelingIntricate Jewelry

The second option might be a bit more elegant and is definitely faster and more efficient, but requires you to either have a friend that can already craft the maximum level jewelry, or a guildmate that could help you out.

All you need is to buy 4770 Platinum Ounces.

Give this to your trusted friend or guildmate and they will craft 477 white quality Champion Points level 150 rings for you.

This is the amount you need to go from Level 1 to Level 50 in Jewelry Crafting with all the Inspiration bonuses.

Of course this option seems to be the most expensive one, as you pay around 47 700 gold just for the ounces and it requires you to have a crafting partner, but if you want to level fast and easy, then this is the way to go!


Generally speaking, as a new player the best way to level up Jewelry Crafting is to constantly deconstruct jewelry that you have gotten from killed enemies or looted from treasure chests. If you want to grind Jewelry Crafting up fast, then the Dolmen grind method is the best solution, because each Dolmen will reward you with jewelry.


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